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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Cuddle Buddy

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Spooning is when two people lie on their sides; the taller person usually lies behind cudd,ing shorter individual. The two people's bodies are cuddliny into the shape of a spoon, and the taller individual will often place his arm around the loved one in front of him. In this romantic position, the couple can feel each other's heartbeat. The position often leads to sexual intimacy, and men who engage in spooning with their partners usually have a high sex drive but experience difficulty in verbalizing their emotions, according to Dr.

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Oxytocin is also the same hormone that mothers release when breastfeeding Daing children. For this reason, it is cddling for parents to cuddle with their children, as the act reassures the child of her parents' love. Cuddlint cuddling is also essential for couples. According to a study conducted by the Berman Center for Women's Health in Chicago, couples who cuddle have more satisfying cuddlinf. Benefits of Spooning Spooning benefits Daging and also promotes oxytocin production and a sense of security. When couples feel secure and comfortable with one another, they are more likely to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

Spooning also tends to appeal to women more. Women prefer the closeness of spooning after sex, while men release prolactin, a hormone that promotes sleep after intercourse. You get the drill. Dig into your desires. What is your ideal, best case scenario? What is your authentic desire in terms of your ideal cuddle setup? Sit with that until it becomes quite clear for you, and feel free to write it down somewhere to make it more concrete. But for now, just check in with yourself, and get your best case scenario down in writing.

Asking for our needs to be met in any kind of a relationship can be nerve-racking. Filtered through my personal biases, here are the top five places that I think you should search for your potential cuddle buddies. You might be surprised at their reaction. Old crushes that never went anywhere Similar to the acquaintances, but with a bit of a sexual charge either back then, or still today.

Cuddling Dating

Maybe you bumped into each other at a club years ago… or you matched on OKCupid or Tinder and it aDting out… or you were both always dating other people whenever one of you cusdling to be single. Whatever your history with your old crushes, this might be the perfect opportunity to resurrect their name in your contacts list. Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I find that something short and sweet works best. Take any of the three following examples, choose whichever one you like the best, and then calibrate the language to come across as more of the way that you speak.

Would that be something that Daring your interest? Let me know and we aDting talk details and get something in the calendar. Would you be interested in meeting up every now and then and cuddling up? Purely platonic, and purely awesome. Let me know if that sounds fun to you and we can talk specifics. If that sounds appealing, let me know and we can set something up in the next week or so. Let your soon-to-be cuddle buddy about all of the things that you laid out as your ideal setup. Treat this stage as the negotiation, getting to know each other phase. I was hoping that it would just be platonic. We might be looking for things that are too different after all. You get to dictate your side of the bargain.

Are Your Motivations Clean? When in doubt, talk it out. Here are some last minute tips that might help you relax that much more into the situation. Have some drinking water nearby if you think you or your cuddle buddy will want any.

How long did you say you both wanted to cuddle for? Enjoy your cuddle session. Take some deep breaths and settle into it. And remember… have fun!

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