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Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

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If you See something, Say something If you see something, say something.

Estamos enfocados en asegurar que estos servicios sean proporcionados a nuestros ciudadanos por profesionales competentes y debidamente licenciados. Statues can be injured.

Don't make judgments about what may or may not mmd a serious situation and don't assume that someone else has called the police. The safety choices Esdort located below this section is meant to remind you of the practical steps you should take to help ensure the safety of yourself and your neighbors. Procuramos proporcionar estos servicios de otorgamiento de licencias de manera orientada al cliente y de manera eficiente. Know what to do if approached It is not necessary, and may not be advisable, to confront someone who has a weapon or is angry enough to inflict harm on another person.

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If you losting Victimized If you are victimized contact police immediately by calling from a cell phone or from a campus phone. Anyone you can't identify as a resident of your building should be asked to use an outside telephone to call the resident they are coming to visit. If you should come upon a situation like this, as naturally as possible, move away to your room, a friend's room, a group of people, a well-lighted area, etc. If you call from a cellular phone, you will reach Prince George's County Police and you should ask to be transferred to University of Maryland Police.

Information can be given anonymously by calling the non-emergency number, Program your Cellular Phone From a cellular phone, University of Maryland Police can be reached at or Please take a moment to share your feedback with us directly so that we can constantly improve the services we provide by e-mailing dlopl-dllr maryland. We strive to provide these licensing services in a customer-friendly and efficient manner. Use the tips below to help you stay and be safe on campus.

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