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In my definition it defines a quiz in which you give your input by answering questions and then the quiz gives you an output in the form of results and this all happens within the containment of your web browser or mobile device. There is no delay between when you take the quiz and when you see your outcome. This is unique to interactive quizzes because you are not waiting for an email to get your results or tallying up your points on a paper like the old magazine quizzes. Interactive quizzes also give you the ability to do more in a business sense, by using the quiz as an opt-in lead magnet.

This way you can collect new email subscribers and segment your leads based on the inputs from the quiz. Today I want to walk you through the three most common types of interactive quizzes, we'll cover how to formulate each kind and the best way to write each one and set up the scoring systems. Build a Personality Quiz Step 1: When writing a title for your interactive personality quiz there are a couple of templates you should follow to maximize your success. The "Which Blank Are You? The "What is Your Blank " title Choose one of these two and customize it for your own quiz. This might seem like it's taking all the creativity out of your quiz, or that you'll end up with a quiz that's the same as someone else's, but in reality the same quizzes have been used for the last years by all sorts of companies and no one has been bothered by it.

The reason for setting up Marie forleo where the subject is the person taking the quiz is because people take quizzes to learn about themselves, and if you set up a title that promises Marie forleo do just that you'll end up with a popular quiz. If you're struggling to come up with a good title, we have a list of quiz titles you can use that are sorted out by industry so you can find one that's relevant to what you do. Write Questions In a personality quiz the questions are meant to help the quiz taker figure out which personality type they are.

You should write quiz questions in such a way that it helps you discover more about the person without it being super directly related to the results of the quiz. If you write questions that are all obviously connected to the results that will take the mystery out of it. Instead you should make questions like the example to the right here that says "How well do you manage your energy? If you're having a hard time knowing what to ask, we've made a list of quiz questions you can use that are pretty generic and easily adapated to any kind of personality quiz. Create Your Personality Results Make quiz results that are unique to show your quiz takers when they complete the questions.

Each personality type is different and you can create as many different types as you need we recommend The amazing thing about a interactive personality quiz is that people won't have to wait for their results by email or through a calculaton, that all happens in the background scroll down to see how that works. We recommend creating a description for each quiz personality type that explains what it means and is re-assuring to people who might be concerned about what their results mean. Connect your questions and results with corellations Each answer choice to every question corellates to one or more of the personality types in your quiz.

The interact quiz software automatically calculates the corellations and keeps track as someone goes through your quiz and then shows the personality type that has the most corellations once someone answers all the questions of the quiz. I was a Nike elite athlete and master trainer, and developed programs with them. But I really gave myself permission to do all the things I was interested in, and it was the best thing I could have ever done. It inspired my coaching practice. It gave me the ability to market in sell in different categories, you know, understanding how to sell dance workshops, understanding how to sell an e-book that was completely based on relationships and, you know, for a market of women.

I have, you know, three bartending gigs. So I transitioned everything that I did. I think was probably orlike, that was a big transition time for me, and it was the beginnings of my business today. Yeah, I had a personal coaching practice, where I would have…first of all, I started off having one-on-one clients, and then I started to experiment teaching group classes and having group coaching programs. So I was building a lot of what became the foundation of what I do today, but I was just highly motivated.

I kept myself really organized. So I had to get things done in a very short amount of time, which made me a really effective and efficient worker. So rather than fighting that tendency, which I was trying to do in the beginning by narrowing myself down, what worked for me, and it may not work for everyone, but what worked for me is actually having multiple things to focus on, because I was learning so much. So being able to teach dance and to be involved in fitness, it was like I was getting paid to workout and to be joyous and to train my body and to help other people do it. You know, no one was taking care of me, so it was like I have to make it happen.

Oh, well over that, almost 15 years.

I am a real veteran. But once you, kind of, hit a certain critical mass, and you start to have the blessing of a little bit of a bigger audience, people somehow assume that it just happened. So from this experience, what can our audience learn from you? You might know him? What advice would you give to someone that wants to create an epic brand? If you were to start all over again, what would you do fast-track where you are today? I think the consistency factor of whatever kind of core content that you wanna put out, right, what something that fits with your strengths, for me I happen to love video. I was with my parents actually, like a week and a half ago, and they whipped out some old, which are now on DVDs, they were VHSs at the time, but it was stuff from when I was like seven or eight years old, and it was me presenting on camera.

For most people these days, I think, the thing that is challenging is they probably hear from most sources that you should do everything, that you should be ubiquitous and you should be everywhere. I would get that one channel, again, that you feel like you can dominate and be really consistent. And when I heard that, Nathan, I wanted to pass out just hearing it.

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You know, d you love talking to people, do you love podcast? Do you love writing? And what can start to forpeo a good, consistent schedule for you to put out high quality content that really matters to people, that is true to your voice, and that you can foresee yourself doing this for the next three to five years. How do I want them to feel?

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How can I make this? She is so crazy. What makes you wanna share it? Have you made it Marrie for people to share? Have you put a call-to-action? Have you told people exactly what you forlep from them next? MMarie are some of the ingredients, I believe, to high quality content, that have nothing to do with high production values, and everything to do with the heart, soul, and thought that you inject into your creation. What advice would you give to getting your content found? What advice would you give to be herded and to, I guess, building your brand? I never had resources in order to do that. So you build up the partner, and you also add value to their audience.

You know, One of my dear friends and a marketing mentorEben Pagan, he had a group of women for one of his products that was around dating as well, and he really liked my content. I love what you wrote in this book, and, you know, you have to share that with my audience. And what about around marketing and driving traffic? Besides partnering, do you have any other strategies, tactics, tips that you recommend, maybe from the psychology or mindset standpoint? Our brains actually love curiosity. And I also say this, Nathan, most of us, and I hope everyone listening to this interview.

We go into business to make a difference. We wanna create positive ripples in this world. And when you have a product or service that you actually believe in, that you know with your heart of hearts does actually help peoplet is your responsibility to do whatever you can do to get people to engage with it. First, my own self-doubt and insecurity. Not feeling smart enough, good enough, educated enough or capable enough. The second challenge was a lack of money and know-how. I was carrying debt after college and had no clue how to start or run a digital business.

It took me a long time 7 years of side gigs before I was confident enough to run my business full-time, but eventually it happened. Focus on what you can give, not what you can get. The more you stay focused on serving, the less Marie forleo struggle. Can you name a moment of failure in your business experience that you learned from or that helped you improve your business or the way you work? One expensive failure was during one of my earliest group coaching programs. While marketing the program, I talked smugly about the fancy bells and whistles our custom site would have. We had a few hundred people sign up and the moment we tried to onboard them, the entire site crashed.

It was a total shit show. That was an expensive and embarrassing lesson that taught me so much about hiring the right people, project management and the importance of testing before paying customers show up. I know your annual B-School is about to begin. How many years has it been running and what inspired you to create it? This is our ninth year. When I first started my business in the early s, the world of content creation and digital media was in its infancy. I had no clue what I was doing, so I made a commitment to learn. I read as many books as I could. I attended every business conference and seminar I could afford. Many of them talked about customers like they were nothing more than numbers at the bottom of a balance sheet.

Simultaneously, I heard from many colleagues mostly women who wanted to start their own thing — but were holding themselves back. First, they had extremely negative associations with sales and marketing. They also felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the online tools they needed to start and grow their businesses. I also wanted to train people in modern marketing, which brings out the best of your humanity, not the worst. Most people, especially creatives, have such negative associations with marketing and rightfully sobut I promise, modern marketing can feel like the ultimate expression of your creativity.

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