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Third, the Court is not aware of any arguments that Everett should have administered medication to, or treatment on, Young. What Young is contending is that his detention was vosalia in part because Everett refused to allow Young to obtain and take Young's own medicine himself. Everett was likely aware that Young had requested access to this medication 2 to 3 hours beforehand and visala that the purpose of the detention was to limit Young's communication. It is not at all clear how denying Young access to his medication furthers the purpose of Young's detention in any way. D'Arcy acknowledges that there are no POST standards on this issue, but opines that medication is denied unless there is an emergency.

However, the reasonableness of a policy that requires all detainees, regardless of the reason for detention, to be denied their prescription medication is highly questionable. Such a policy does not consider that, depending on how prolonged the execution of the search warrant is, and which medications are involved, a medical emergency may well be created precisely because the officers are refusing to give a detainee access to prescription medication. The Court finds this case to be very similar to Lee v.

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City of San Leandro, U. The Esvort case also involved allegations of an unreasonable detention during the execution of a search warrant. The search warrant in that case also involved multiple properties. The plaintiff's property was searched first, and a police officer remained with Lee until other officers reached the second property. Lee made similar allegations to those made by Young.

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