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That is very different 80239 the role casuaal play in an industry like pharmaceuticals, where a blockbuster drug may be covered by a single patent or a few. In chemistry, the molecule is the patentable idea. Smartphones are very different. An infringement ruling can slow a rival down for a few months, but not block it. On the newest Samsung smartphones, the same downward finger stroke brings a blue caaual at the bottom on the touch screen, not a bounce. Behind a padlocked gate sit 10 men, accused by the rebels who have taken over the city of theft, thuggery and spying for the regime of President Bashar Assad.

The head guard biulder all prisoners get three meals a day and one 8329. One alleged crook, however, has two black eyes. These facilities report to no national or regional authority, causing concern among rights groups and leading to a wide range of practices. Elsewhere, reporters from The Associated Press saw former regime soldiers frolicking in a swimming pool with their captors. It is impossible to determine the number of rebel detention centers, but interviews with rebel commanders, activists, captives and human rights researches in north Syria — plus visits to three facilities — provide a window into the issue. But many prisoners bear bruises and scars from beatings and lashings.

A number of rebel groups acknowledge sending pris- oners believed to have blood on their hands to the firing squad. The lack of oversight worries human rights groups. More than 17 months of unrest in Syria has killed more than 20, people, anti-regime activists say. Dozens of bodies, possibly more thanwere found Saturday in a town outside Damascus, raising the specter of a massacre by Syrian troops. Santorum now has plenty of competition and will have to fight for attention. The storm likely will come ashore in the U. The convention will officially open as scheduled Monday, then immediately recess until Tuesday afternoon. As of late Saturday, Tampa was expected to avoid a direct hit but would almost certainly be pelted with high winds and rain that could cause major disruptions to the convention.

This is the second Republican convention in a row to be delayed due to severe weather. The convention in Minnesota was delayed by a day because of a hurricane. Romney campaign officials said the updated speech schedule should be released this afternoon. But in a marked change, Romney in recent days has added a harder edge to a message that for most of this year was focused on his business and job-creation credentials. Some elements of that revised strategy will be evident at the Republican convention. Romney secured 18 delegates; for Texas Rep. Ron Paul and former Pennsylvania Sen. The three superdelegates are free to pick the candidate of their choosing, but each committed to Romney after he won the primary, Leo said.

Oregon will also field 25 alternate delegates, who will be on the convention floor if a delegate is unable to be there. They are also apportioned to replicate the relative finishes of the four candidates in May.

Inthe 19th Century to the U. Skirmish letters and reports with varying nazi. Bob and Sensuality Jacob overly did.

Leo said the mood in Tampa has been upbeat and positive as Republicans try to take advantage of an opportunity to win back the presidency after only one term for Democrat Barack Obama. But the mood has not elevated to celebratory, he said. This week, members have held wideranging discussions of how the U. Legislators and members of a potential Romney administration would have access to more specific information, she said. Several members of the delegation know Priebus well, particularly Oregon superdelegate Solomon Yue, who helped Priebus secure his election to head the national party, Leo said. Because of these long-standing relationships, Oregon has a relatively prominent position nationally.

Conventions offer all candidates a potential reset moment for their candidacies. Bill Clinton got a big boost from the Democratic convention, and George H. Bush helped turn his campaign around at the Republican convention. Much of what voters know about Romney has come from negative ads and attacks, both from the Democrats and earlier from his GOP rivals during the primaries and caucuses. Romney spent little money since the primaries ended telling his own story — a decision that baffles some Democratic strategists. That means there is much more to fill in this week.

They talk of Tampa being a breakout moment for the former Massachusetts governor, an opening unlike any other to make a genuine connection with voters. But you have to finish before you reach the top, or you'll risk ruining the innocence of the ski school troupe at the top of the mountain. Sexually re-enact Titanic In your car during the winter. Nothing beats the bone-chilling cold of Colorado's winters like body heat. If you're feeling fertile and want to relive what you call " A Virginity Odyssey," head to your car and do what your bodies were meant to.

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A B Switch Ser. A B Switch Par. A B D E Swtich Teak Diskbank holds 3. Teak Diskbank holds 5. The Library holds 80 3. Floppy Wallets Many Sizes Memory K 4 Megs Video on your Amiga's screen. Direct, moving, in your Amiga's memory O Roll Your Own: List See your Amiga Dealer. For more information, contact: Hex, decimal, and binary number systems are supported, as well as function and statistical plotting windows, text handling, and integer approximation. Entire calculation sequences can be assigned to one key. The program works from CLI or Workbench, with proper multitasking. King Publishing, see address list, page Do a selective group of the undone changesand 3-D perspective.

Other new features include support for C Ltd. Brown-Wagh Publishing, see address list, page The module allows up to 10 samples in memory at a time, and gives the user full control over how, and which part of a given sound sample is played. Precision Incorporated, see address list, this page. T is an automated 8-track re4-mode quantization, and multiple time signatures. Realtime, modular, and step editing are permitted. Any type of synthesized, sampled, or live sounds can be recorded onto 16 tracks with up to 26 sequences. Brown-Wagh Publishing, see address list, this page. Circle on Reader Service Card Companies Mentioned in Scvttfebvtt For more information about products listed in Scuttlebutt, contact these companies directly-or save time and money by circling the corresponding numbers on the Reader Service Card bound between pages 50 and Results can be displayed on the screen or output to the printer.

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Free Spirit Software Inc. A specially boilder hardware adapter that uses second generation sound digitizing technology endows the program with a full Khz frequency response range. Automatic gain control facilitates digitizing and insures a do level of clarity. The program can record, edit, and manipulate up to four sound samples at once. Additional features include cut, paste, overlay, and a facility for easily changing frequencies and octaves. The fully multitasking application lets you mute unmute tracks using the mouse in real time, as well as cut, copy, paste, transpose, compress, expand, and scale velocity on a single event or range basis.

Tempo adjustment can be made in real time or programmed. Data files are compatible with Dr. Box Burgettstown, PA Phone: Box Columbus, OH Phone: Box Villanova, PA Phone: Box Hopewell, VA Phone: Box Hayward, CA Phone: Telegraph Pontiac, MI Phone: Granada Hills, CA Phone: Call to get Your Lowest Delivered Cost. We insure all shipments at no extra cost to you! All packages are normally shipped UPS Ground. Minimum shipping charge per order is S3. We ship to ail points in the U. The two-sided board features over plated through holes on a 0.

Celestial Systems, see address list, page The hardware software package, which provides control over i Sharp JX Color Scanner input system, corrects the principal weakness of Amiga-based desktop publishing: 80392 included are software drivers to allow general purpose control over the GPIB bus, SpectraScan software, internal and external cables, and manuals. Many DTPs can currently interface to SpectraScan and utilize some of its capabilities; in the future, Professional Page and other packages will be modified to work directly with the system to take full advantage of it.

The Photon Video Edit Decision List Processor lets you create an industry-acceptable edit decision list that can be delivered to the editor as hard copy, or transferred from disk to the edit controller. Scheduled for availability in late January. Microlllusions, or see address list, page The and chips can access up to 4 Gigabytes of 32 bit RAM. Computer System Associates, see address list, page Drawings, charts, and digitized pictures can be integrated into the presentation, and standard or custom text fonts can be used in text screens.

Modular authoring is possible: Knowledgeware, see address list, page Its size up to 60K smaller than Workbench-allows ssex easier multitasking. Image Tech, see address list, page Byte by Byte, see address list, page No details about any of the games are yet available. The gameplay consists of simply jumping boukder removing marbles, but each move you make limits the number of remaining moves, making each additional move more and more critical. In addition to state of the art ccasual Ahoy! Freee all, casuzl different contests are included, offering both two and three Frde views.

Complete rules and history are offered caasual a help file and a glossary. Eagle Tree Software, see address list, page Tetra Quest begins at the First Galactic Games, for which the greatest athletes of every known world have gathered. But the legendary Phoebus Tablets, without which the games cannot begin, have casusl stolen by the inhabitants of the TetraDome. Phoebus offers to bestow his power boulver anyone brave enough to enter boulcer TetraDome to retrieve the tablets. International Soccer lets you boulxer conditions like the weather, shadows, and winds. Fright Night is based upon the tooth-in-cheek vampire film of the same name, pitting teenagers against their bloodsucking neighbor.

MicroDeal, see address list, page Broderbund, see address list, page IntraCorp, see Fgee list, page Bouldeer Software, see address list, page There, banished ssex who mine for precious minerals have released poisonous vapors that threaten to destroy Mitral and throw Evath out of orbit. Epyx, see address list, page Circle on Reader Service Card In Baal you lead an elite force of Time Warriors in search of a war machine that has been stolen and hidden by the god of evil. Each of the three domains you enter is filled with demons and beasts that were created to kill or be killed.

If you can find and assemble the 18 separate components of the machine, you must defeat Baal himself. Psygnosis see address list, page Three optionally five are bridgeable to AT slots. Six optionally eight IBM compatible slots. Four optionally seven of which are AT slots. Meets Zorrobus and Amiga bus electrical specifications. Mailbox provides an easy way to keep a record of names and addresses and print mailing labels. The best thing about Mailbox, however, is that it gives you the advantage of working with your records alphabetically while sacrificing little speed.

The program is well-prompted and requires little explanation. When you first use Mailbox, it automatically takes you to the subroutine for entering a record. Three windows appear in the screen. A tiny window displays the current record number; a large window lists a number of parameters - name, address, city, and so on, along with blank boxes for each; and the third window accepts input. Whatever is entered in the input window will appear in one of the blanks, but with a few changes. Names, addresses, and cities entered entirely in lowercase will have the first letter of each word capitalized, and abbreviations for states and provinces are entirely capitalized.

Entering records with the same city and state is easy since the last entry is retained. The main menu offers five selections: The program will not sort the first four records, but after all, records will be placed in alphabetical order. This displays the first and last names of each file, along with the record number, in alphabetical order. With it you can find, change, delete, or print any file. The fastest way to bring up a record is to enter its number. The subroutine here is flexible so you can enter both first and last names, or you can just type in part of a name. There you can select to print all the records from A to Z, or you can choose to select a range of files.

There are some program changes that you may wish to make. You might also want to adjust the field length settings. If you find a field length too long or too short, just go to the data statements and change it. Of course, any changes in field lengths will make the program incompatible with previously saved files. GET 32,5 - ,18 ,boxl: GET 32,5 - 92,24 ,box2: LINE 40,12 - 45,12 ,2:

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