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Second Brit dies after 'Brazilian butt lift' surgery

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Brxzil their careers, the surgeons reported 32 cases of death from a oBoty embolism and non-fatal cases, but Bkoty are probably many more that remain unreported. Injecting fat into the buttock can easily lead to serious problems if done incorrectly. Some people have a BBL for asd reasons, but many have it after losing lots of weight, serious disfigurement after pelvic trauma or practical problems, such as holding up trousers. Patient safety should always be the top priority. In one recently reported case in the US that led to death from a fat embolism, surgeons believed injections had been made into superficial fat, but at post-mortem fat was found in the heart and lungs.

However, it should be noted that fat is also injected into muscle for some breast enhancement surgery, with no reported deaths. What is a Brazilian butt lift? However, a recent high-profile case involving a doctor in Miami who was banned from operating after the death of a patient during surgery, highlights the risks associated with having this procedure. This suggests that there are other factors involved in the high mortality rate among BBL patients.

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To be successful, a fat graft needs nutrition ass so has to be injected into tissue that has a blood supply. Is it worth the risk? A study of deaths from BBL surgery concluded that they probably occur as a result of gluteal blood vessels becoming damaged during the procedure, allowing fat to enter the bloodstream.

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