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Pedro Juan Caballero (politician)

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The old Real Colegio Seminario de San Carlos, took charge of teacher salaries, meaning the beginning of free and mandatory education. Elementary schools were organized, the Board issued instructions for teachers, prohibiting corporal punishment. In the economic field, agriculture, commerce, navigation and the settlement of Gran Chaco were promoted. From the juridical point of view all appeals were now heard before the junta and not before the Court of Buenos Aires anymore, requesting this institution to forward all civil and criminal cases of Paraguay to the junta. The Triumvirate of Buenos Aires agreed to such demand. On October 12,a treaty was signed between Buenos Aires and Asuncion which recognized the independence of Province of Paraguay and committed both provinces to mutual assistance in case of war.

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The house, built in and restored to include a cultural center, publisher, bar, and restaurant, looks as if it were taken directly from a Vogue photo shoot. Caballero, who was involved in the profitable yerba mate trade, was opposed to Francia's economic policies and together with Juan Manuel Gamarra and Jose Teodoro Fernandez created opposition group which unsuccessfully tried to get support of the Consul Fulgencio Yegros. He refused and together with Consul Francia on September 26, ordered Caballero's group to leave Asuncion and retire to their country estates.

Just eight days later National Congress convened and elected Francia to be the Supreme dictator for a period of five years. During the next years Caballero did not participate in politics and turned his attention to yerba mate trade. A conspiracy, which involved many leading men of the Independence era, to overthrow Francia, was planned for the last days of the Holy Week of Francia learned about the plot from two slaves that denounced their master for making gunpowder and from a confession of a conspirator to his priest on Holy Week and arrests started.

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