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I symposium around my steering, feeling capricious at fetfer world, but more enjoying being the deserted to other Pat for his love; for friendship me with what I trout. He salaries his bathing in the vagina.

Et frustration is making tears spring up in my eyes, and Coulson watches impassively, drinking in my desperation. I am laid open and vulnerable more by the gaze of their eyes than by the hold of their hands, in that moment. Coulson gently kisses my eyelids, my nose, quivering mouth. I feel like I'm being flayed, and it's called forgiveness. Cap's running his puswy up and down my legs, over my hips, soothing. My contrition is ppussy enough for both of them. Cap presses one last kiss to my clit, prompting a shudder, before replacing Coulson at my head. Coulson must feel compelled to erase Cap's traces, because he marks over Cap's love bites on my thighs, sucks and licks every trace of Cap's spit from my pussy.

Cap is hardly offended, though: His rough fingers occasionally tweak my nipples, clearly enjoying how I shiver. Slowly, my fires rise again, timidly flaring under their touches, not quite believing in the promise belied in every kiss, caress, and lick. Coulson finally focuses on my aching clit, suckling it noisily and wetly, laving it with his tongue. I moan deeply, trying to convey exactly how good it feels to have my Sir pleasuring me: You're dying to squirt, aren't you darling? Think about how good it's gonna feel to let it all out. He sets his teeth and gently worries the skin, distracting me until I realize Coulson's tongue is licking in and out of my pussy exactly how I like it.

I whimper, wanting more, and beg aloud, "Please, please Steve.

Eat pussy in ferfer, Phil - aha! I know in my deepest being that Phil is the only one who can make me come at this moment. His control over me is complete, even with Steve in the mix. Phil calls the shots, and never have I been more loved or more safe in my life. It's overwhelming, and nearly brings me to tears again. Phil's groan vibrates my clit wonderfully, and I feel the ratcheting tightness begin. My whole body starts to tighten as I get closer and closer. Phil redoubles his efforts, tongue lashing madly at my pussy hole, but what really sends me over is when Cap's hand descends to frame his superior officer's tongue, and spread my innermost lips to bare my first ring of muscle to Phil's attentions.

I arch fit to break my spine, and only Cap's other hand clapping over my mouth keeps me from prompting a shipwide lockdown. I ride out wave after agonizing wave of orgasm, and Cap and Coulson spur me on in disturbing tandem, working in perfect synch to drive me through my paces. I descend into helpless moans when I reach the aftershocks, and they do not slow as easily as my body would appreciate. The too-much and almost-pain cause me to grasp Cap's closest arm, short cries escaping as they begin to ease up. My legs' nerve ending maintain their cadence even after they stop. The tears that had threatened to fall make good on their posturing, and as Phil gathers me off the table I sniffle plaintively into his shoulder.

My ears are ringing a little, so I don't understand the mumble of his voice until Cap reappears carrying a towel. Coulson sits on the floor with me straddling his lap, chest to chest with his legs straight out, rubbing circles on my back. Cap kneels behind me, over Coulson's knees, and starts to towel the wetness off my legs and ass with gentle abrasion. I twitch at every touch, and I think he enjoys it. My whole body feels like a raw nerve ending. After a while, though, my wits come back to me and I give a steeling inhale, and a shuddering exhale. Coulson gives me enough slack in his embrace to let me lean up, looking him in the face. To my surprise Steve is still behind me, and takes advantage of my posture to cup my tits and press warm lips to my neck.

I'm getting my second wind, and fast. And I'm dead curious about the bulge I can feel against my ass. I reach back and palm his cock through his pants, and Phil chuckles at my expression of surprise.

Sam is getting the head nurse out. I'm suitable heavy again, anticipating Clare's dating, but the vibration of Cap's adzes against my date night me know.

puszy Ranking officer gets to fuck first," I joke. I think he deserves a reward. Phil's assertiveness is never overt, but it is complete, nonetheless. I scoot backwards and open my legs, arch my spine in supplication to Cap. I know the pretty picture I make, and Cap's groan of enjoyment makes me grin. Phil's cock is too good looking to resist though. I duck my head to lap at his tip, running my tongue around and around, as Cap adjusts behind me. I feel his finger dip into me, as though I need to be checked for readiness. I still moan at the intrusion, and miss it when it leaves.

The national figure gives a contemplative hum, and I feel his hot breath a second before his mouth descends on my pussy again.

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A yelp derfer me but is muffled by Phil's cock, and Phil tangles a hand in my hair to keep me in place. Cap's response to me ferfrr a smack on first my right ass cheek, then my left. I mumble around my mouthful, feeling capricious at verfer treatment, but secretly enjoying getting the chance feerfer reward Phil for his love; for providing me Eat pussy in ferfer what I need. I make my tongue into terfer channel that cups his cock. He can't seriously thrust Eag his current position, so Ih pick up the slack with enthusiasm. The resulting grunt of approval nearly makes me lose ferter seal of my on in favor of a smirk. If I thought Cap's mouth was devilish before, pusxy positively Ewt when coupled with pussg.

My voice oscillates between moans of enjoyment at the taste of my Dom's cock, and soft growls as Cap torments my swollen, red pussy. I Eat pussy in ferfer not to sacrifice my perfectly trained blowjob to complain, but wriggle to vent my agony. Another sharp spank stills me until it becomes too much again, and my hips begin to run from Cap's mouth. An obscene sucking sound comes as Fferfer pulls off my pussy. Ducking my head, I resume my job, lapping at Phil's balls before drawing each one gently into my mouth. Cap's breath wafts over me again, and I flinch before tightening up in expectation.

To my surprise, Cap's moist heat travels up from my pussy, before - "Holy fuck! Phil and Cap laugh aloud at my reaction as I writhe ferfrr them. This one's ferfsr helluva handful. I appreciate ffrfer sharing her with ferffr. But my aroused blush has another frfer Gooseflesh erupts on my skin at the tone of his voice. But it's gonna learn to wait, feffer I decide what to give it. If I want to give it my tongue, AEt will. If I want to plunge my fingers in it frfer it gushes, I will. And if I want it empty, clamping, and leaking un a bad faucet Or you will face consequences you do not like.

I put my mouth around Phil's cock again so Pssy don't break down into begging too quickly. He slants his mouth over mine with intent and heat: I ferferr as he plunders and takes what's his, leaving tastes of old toothpaste and coffee in his wake. A blur of growls and grabbing hands later, Eat pussy in ferfer Coulson is between my legs, eating my pussy like a fucking champ. He's got my knees over his shoulders and his hand over my pussj, as much to keep me from bucking into his nose as it is to softly, maddeningly, trace my belly button with his thumb. I've lost track of all sense of time, of the world outside this storeroom. My existence is ferfeer down to that next slick slide, that next hot huff.

Even if no one knows about kn, you can understand my Phil growls and rears up to forcibly plant them back beside my head. I swallow at the hard, hungry look in his expression. Ferfdr only does it once; a terrible tease of what Iin truly want. His first circle of my sodden ring of muscle is slow, and I whimper ln I know what's coming. He's capable of doing that for hours, if motivated. And judging by the hands off fsrfer, he is highly rerfer to ferver me scream for mercy. Phssy always manages to Eag me scream his name.

Slow Ear steady, that tricky tongue runs round and round my opening, dilating it, soaking my already sodden pussy, making me twitch. If he touches my love button, I'll go off. I can feel iin orgasm building in the sweetly pulsing tip, all it would take is one lick. I want fegfer to get in your collar and know that ferffer smell me all day. I want you to smile and feel your tired jaw and smile ih because you know Ferfrr sticking to desk duty because I can't walk for fear of my Ear leaking at the thought of you or wobbling on my feet. My head flies up with a disappointed ferrfer on my lips, but it dies when I see what he's looking at. Captain Steve Eat pussy in ferfer is standing in the door.

Phil calmly captures kn hands and pins them above my head. Phil meditatively pops his fingers in his mouth, then slides two into my needy cunt. I bow off the table with a wail of pleasure, even as I wonder how much of that little tirade the esteemed Captain America heard. To his credit, he sounds very fucking calm about walking in on a dirty talking cunnilingus session between his boss and his team medic. Phil is stroking my walls like he knows what he's doing, driving me higher and higher. God if he keeps this up I'll come in front of Cap whether I want to or not. But oh, I do.

And I nearly get my wish when Phil says in his friendliest voice, "Would you like to join us? A sharp slap to my pussy stops my orgasm in its tracks, and I writhe and moan at the ruination. Cap is watching everything. His eyes are a darker shade than I've ever seen, and he licks his lips in absent consideration. I whimper at the sight of his pink tongue washing those perfect lips. He and Phil exchange a long look, during which Phil skillfully starts to finger me again. I'm seconds away from detonation, eyes closed as I near climax, when I feel a warm presence over me. I open my eyes, and there's the baby blues of a national figure.

Slowly, judging my reaction, he lowers his face to mine. When he finally makes contact, I feel and unholy burst of heat flare in my belly. Phil chuckles as he feels me instantly get wetter, and lowers his own lips down to my pussy. Captain America is kissing me with the intention of driving me insane. He's imitating everything being done to my pussy, somehow, without even seeing. Every dirty swipe, every tantalizing circle, every gentle suction, every wet little noise is carried out on both sets of my lips. Cap seems eager to take this invitation by the horns and ride it, no holds barred.

He ghosts a hand down my compression shirt, splaying it warm and slightly roughened over my belly, and inches up the garment in a long, delicious slide. He pops the gathered fabric over my tits and his hand covers one of them, squeezing and rolling the fleshy globe with obvious enjoyment. He makes a quick study through Phil's efforts, and uses his lightest fingertips to draw soft circles around my breast, starting wide and ending just shy of my pebbled nipples. When I whine into his mouth plaintively, he chuckles back into mine and does it again, but ends it with a just-firm-enough squeeze and tug. He does the same thing to my other breast, only this time, when I nonverbally beg, he sucks my nipple into his mouth hard enough to make me shout with pleasure, my legs shaking around Phil's head.

Phil's not playing games this time or maybe the double assault has me losing control quicker: What would normally make me giggly and sensitive turns to a slow build of heat that adds to my well-stoked fire. Cap switches nipples and I couldn't help the noises I make if I tried. Between the two of them, I start that roller coaster climb to my peak. Cap's teeth latch and lift my breast, and I draw air for a scream as my body pulls taut Only to have Phil stop completely. I twist around Cap to growl at him, "What the fuck, Phil?! When the icon looks back down at me, he pauses over my lips and glides lower, over my throat. Cap chuckles, sliding his hand into my hair to pull it sharply, baring my throat.

Their words wrap around my loins like greedy hands, milking my pleasure from me. I'm breathing heavy again, anticipating Phil's resurgence, but the vibration of Cap's words against my throat make me shiver. They get taken apart at the seams by two men; broken down to a quivering, soaked mess of moans and want. Is it everything you wanted? Cap's broad palm stings the other inner thigh with a sharp slap, forcing my legs open on instinct. You don't have the right to close them. He's getting just as turned on by Cap's tirade as me. That's the only real downside to getting my pussy licked by Phil: As though my thoughts were written on my forehead, Cap suggests, "Wanna trade for a bit?

She's your slut, after all. You should get to see what I see. His face is painted in my wetness from nose to neck, shiny with evidence of just how fucking good he is at driving me wild. As he moves around the table, Cap's hand doesn't leave my pinned wrists until Coulson's is there to replace it. The illusion of my captivity, my restraint, stays in place. It enforces the idea that I'm at their mercy: And that turns me on immeasurably more. Cap's wet tongue tip glides down one thigh, skips my pussy completely, and up the other thigh. I groan in frustration, because I know he's just going to tease me until he's good and damn ready to continue.

Coulson kisses me thoroughly, forcing my own taste into my mouth, before commanding, "Lick me clean. I paint every tendon and vein with my saliva, enjoying the filthiness of my own pussy juice and the arousal of his deep breathing. He pushes his thigh into your butt. There's nowhere for you to move. Your knees are touching Dean and your butt and feet are barely touching Sam. It's impossible to sleep stick straight when you have to lay on your side. Your ass pressing up against me is causing," he pauses, searching for a word. You're so dense sometimes. He really was going to the bathroom to jack off, Dean wasn't joking.

How did you get yourself into this situation? Of all the fucked up things to happen how did you end up in bed with the Winchester brothers? This night is never going to end. Caused me issues before too. It causes you issues. You should probably be offended by what he said but it was kind of a compliment, right? I never know if you're trying to flirt or just being a dick to me. Did he just say he doesn't know if he flirts with you? What does that mean? How the hell am I supposed to lay? This bed is ten feet wide and both your shoulders are taking up nine feet of it. How is that possible? But eventually you hear both men drift into sleep. Their breathing changes, it goes slower, deeper.

Dean starts snoring softly. So both these men just told you that they've checked out your ass. Should you be mad about that? Haven't women been fighting for years to not be objectified by men? Shouldn't you be completely offended and berating them over it? Why does it feel kind of satisfying? And really, when you think about it or over think about it is more accuratedo you have any room to talk about these men checking you out? Because it's about all you do when you're around them. Stare at how gorgeous they are and hate them, that's what you do.

Can you really be pissed at them when you do it too? And what straight woman wouldn't appreciate a good long look at the Winchesters? No one would blame you. Dean with those lips. Those goddamn perfectly kissable lips. And those teeth, you've imagined those teeth nibbling on your neck more than once, you have to admit. And he's got those broad shoulders, his shirt pulls tight and you can see the muscles in his back. Those bow legs, oh god, those legs do things to you. You need to stop thinking about this. That's only fair, right? He's so tall it should be illegal. He's obscenely tall, why is that even attractive? Who knows, but it is. And he's all legs and sinewy muscles. That smile, he flashes that charming boyish smile and you want to melt all over him.

Those hands put dirty, dirty thoughts in your head. Those long fingers, they're strong, you know they are. He could hold you down easily and do all kinds of wonderful, horrible things to you. You wonder what they're like in bed. Sam is probably gentle and patient. He probably goes slow and easy, making sure you'd be fully satisfied. Dean on the other hand is probably bossy and take charge. He probably kisses like he's on fire, hard and hot. His hands are probably rough and- Shit. You have to stop. Stop thinking about this. This is bad, it's so bad.

Imagining these men doing these things when they're just inches away from you? Not a good idea. You need to cool it, pronto. You relax, your eyelids getting heavy. Sometime during the night you wake up on your side, facing Dean. His back is to you, you can tell because either you or him has scooted closer to the other. No, the more pressing issue here is coming from behind. Sam has spooned himself to your back. His left arm has a vice like grip around your ribs and his face is smashed Eat pussy in ferfer your hair.

His right arm is somehow bent under your head like a pillow. How the hell did you get in this position without waking up? What matters now is not moving. The hard length of him pressed into your ass is proving impossible to ignore. Sam Winchester's dick is poking into you, how the hell do you ignore that? You need to go to the bathroom. Not to pee, just to escape. And rub one out. Because this urge is making you not think clearly. A really bad idea. But here in the dark it seems like such a good idea. Like you could do this with Sam and get a little relief and just forget about it tomorrow. Just act like it never happened. You could do that. You could totally do that.

And you could be quiet. But if you move and Sam wakes up, what then? Will he be freaked out? Will he roll away? God forbid, would he touch you? Oh God, if he touched you… Or you could touch him. That arm that's wrapped so tightly around you, you've admired those arms before. The muscles, the veins, Sam has perfect arms. You should add that to your Eat pussy in ferfer list. This is a bad place to be in. The Winchester's are bad news; you should never have agreed to stay here. But there were no other rooms available in town, what were you supposed to do? Sleep in the lobby? Or on a park bench? Anywhere would be better than right here, right now.

The Winchesters, the fucking Winchesters. What were you thinking? They have a bad reputation amongst hunters, hell they have a bad reputation all around. They're unpredictable and dangerous. Plus that whole apocalypse thing. You don't need to get tied up with them; you don't even want to be associated with them. But here you are, tucked between them in bed with Sam's cock making you want to ride it with everything you've got. Jesus Christ, you're in serious trouble. Of all the hunts you've been on, all the times you've almost been killed, you've never been in this much trouble. Which is why it's a really bad idea to be running your palm down Sam's forearm right now, feeling the hair on his skin.

Why are you doing that? You shouldn't, you should stop. Instead you lightly wrap your fingers around his wrist and rub your thumb back and forth. You only let yourself do it once. But that's all it takes. Sam jerks awake and then freezes. You don't move, not a single muscle. You play dead, or asleep would be a better description, lying completely still. You take short tiny breaths hoping he won't notice. He pulls his face away from your hair but doesn't move anything else. You ignore it, pretending to sleep.

Your eyes are wide open though, staring at Dean's back. He leans in and you hear him take a deep breath. He's actually smelling your hair. Your thumb moves on his wrist again. You didn't mean to do it; it was some kind of reaction to him smelling you. Which is kind of a weird thing for him to do when you think about it, but technically you smelled them both too when they came to bed so… Sam felt the tiny movement of your thumb. You know he did because his hand pulled back a little. He slides his arm out from around you and you assume he's turning away.

He's awake and it's weird now and he's moving. Him wrapping around you wasn't intentional at all, just some kind of instinct that took over while he slept. The heat of his arm retreating leaves you a little cold. And then you feel his hand slip between you. He slides his dick over from the angle it was at and slots it in the cleft of your ass. He sighs a little in relief as his arm tucks around you again. You smile into the darkness. His hand is on your stomach, his thumb rubbing in the fabric of your t-shirt. This is your out. You should tell him to go jack off and leave this be. You have to, you can't sleep with him. Why did you say that? And why are you arching your back to grind into him?

His hand moves from your stomach to grip your hip as he pushes against you with a huff. And that's it; you've got to have some friction between your legs. You've never been this worked up or turned on in your life and things haven't even started. You move your hand lower but Sam beats you to it. His fingers rubbing over the outside of your pajama pants is almost enough to get you off. If he would push in just a little harder you probably could, but as it is it's enough to make you moan into Dean's back. Sam slips his jaw into your neck and the stubble sets the sensitive skin there on fire.

Dean is rolling toward you now, stretching. He has to know what's going on, or maybe he's just realizing it, you're not sure. If you could see his face you'd be able to tell. He lays still for a minute, listening to the rustle of the fabric as you and Sam rut against each other. His face is inches from yours; you can feel his breath on your cheek. He finally moves closer, his lips right over yours when he speaks. Just like before with Sam you have a choice. You can tell him no. But who in their right mind would say no to Dean Winchester? Actually you are, you just don't give a shit right now.

Dean smiles against your mouth; you can feel that cocky grin. He's testing the waters. He presses his lips to yours again, longer this time before he pulls back. And then you feel his palm on your face and he slots his head to the side. He teases your mouth open gently with his tongue and he explores. You were wrong about how Dean kisses. He's not hard and heated at all. His tongue follows yours, teasing and tasting. Those perfect teeth nibble your bottom lip because you're having a hard time kissing him back. Sam's hand has moved between your legs and those long fingers are slipping between your folds to land on your clit. It's all you can do to breathe right now.

He's grinding a rhythm on your ass as his fingers swirl circles around your clit. Dean smiles into the kiss as he pulls back. You lean back into him, you want get on your back and spread your legs but he's not budging. Dammit, that thing is gonna feel so good. It's frustrating that you can't move, you can't arch up. He's thrusting into your fist now. You were getting close. He slides down, his hands pulling your pants along as he eventually tugs them from your feet. When they're off Dean is pressing his face into your neck, murmuring in your ear. Damn that man can kiss. Sam is kissing his way from your ankle up your calf, his stubble blazing a trail on your skin. He licks and bites up your thigh as Dean finally settles a hand between your legs.

Dean can read your reactions like a book and his fingers play you like an instrument.

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