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History[ edit ] Harrisonburg was named for Thomas Harrison —an early settler. Alexander Spotswoodwho reached Elkton, and whose rangers continued and in likely passed through what is now Harrisonburg. Harrisonburg, previously known as "Rocktown", was named for Thomas Harrisona son of English settlers. Today, a council—manager government administers Harrisonburg. Army Brigadier General, Turner Ashby —was killed. Newtown[ edit ] Interstate 81a main roadway in Harrisonburg When the slaves of the Shenandoah Valley were freed inthey set up near modern-day Harrisonburg a town called Newtown. The modern Boys and Girls Club of Harrisonburg is located in the old Lucy Simms schoolhouse used for the black students in the days of segregation.

This effort, called "Project R4", focused on the city blocks east of Main, north of Gay, west of Broad, and south of Johnson. According to Bob Sullivan, an intern working in the city planner's office inthe city planner at the time, David Clark had to convince the city council that Harrisonburg even had slums. Newtown, a low socioeconomic status housing area, was declared a slum. Federal law mandated that the city needed to have a referendum on the issue before R4 could begin. The vote was close with 1, votes in favor and against R4. After the vote, the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority was formed.

All of the members were white men. The project began and, due to eminent domain, the government could force the people of Newtown to sell their homes. They were offered rock bottom prices for their homes. Many people couldn't afford a new home and had to move into public housing projects and become dependent on the government.

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