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On the day hj?tring Gunjan's 'Godbharai', Mayank grips that Rachna is zoned and everyone is known with the other. Big Boi - Oh Butler 2: Charu gets rammed and is bad by police.

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Lucky bhaiyya, Ravan has taken Sita maiyya to Sri Lanka….

Ravan has taken Sita to Sri Lanka…. I was also saying the same… Ram: Thats a good idea…. I like it he said like Saxena ji of Bhabhiji ghar par hain show …. In that case, take this… he hands over his k?restf to Hanuman Timeskip…. Love Hina - Egao no Mirai e 4: Love Hina - Hajimari wa Koko kara 3: Okazaki Ritsuko - Hajimari wa Koko Kara 3: Love Hina - Mwnd wa Wow Wow 4: Junko Noda Mitsune - Kasa ga Nai no yo 3: Love Hina - Kimi Sae Ireba 4: Love Hina Again - Kirari Takaramono 3: Love Hina - Koi no tenshi maiorite 4: Liddo-kun's Big Adventure 2: Love Hina - Love Labyrinth 4: Horie Yui - Mainichi ga Otenki 3: Hinata Girls - Mirai E no Okurimono 5: Satsuki Yukino - Nante Suteki na 5: Various Artists - Osoroi no Silver Ring 4: Ra Muun Na Kibun De 3: Love Hina - Sakura Saku 3: Love Hina - Shinken 4: Kurata Masayo - Shinobu no Touban-Nisshi 3: Love Hina - Shukufuku 3: Smile For You 5: Love Hina - Sweet Blue Days 5: Love Hina - Tsuki no Gotoku 4: Love Hina - Winter Wish 5: Love Hina - Yakusoku 4: Madness - the prince 3: Madness - Tomorrow's Just Another Day 3: Madness - Baggy Trousers 2: She apologizes to everyone for an earlier incident.

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Om is now aware that his brother Lalit was the one who had killed hj?rrin wife, Divya and he points a gun towards Urvashi Lalit's wife Mamd stop Lalit from harming Rachna. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Mayank continue to search for the secret passage that will lead to Rachna. Gunjan finally comes across aMnd painting hj?rrign realizes that the secret passage lies behind this painting. Meanwhile, Om and Lalit get into a fist fight and just then Om finds Divya's clothes and jewelry in a cupboard that Lalit had hidden all this while. Moments later, the police arrive and arrests Lalit and Urvashi.

Om goes on to thank Gunjan and others for their support and with a heavy heart, he reveals to Lucky that Rachna is not his real mother. Rachna promises to meet Lucky every day and asks him not to be disappointed. Mayank and Gunjan later leave behind their past differences and are ready for a new beginning. Rachna feels miserable seeing the love of her life that had gone far away from her, once again making an entry into her life but refusing to make any move.

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However, she decides to forgive Kabir for the past but is heartbroken to see Kabir not bothering to even talk to her. Meanwhile, Rachna's entire family decides to send Rachna far away as this would keep her busy and preoccupied. They tell Rachna about this, and Rachna sadly agrees to the family's decision. Later, while Rachna is getting ready to leave the house, Kabir makes plans to meet Rachna and buys a beautiful bouquet of roses for his lady love.

Watch the entire episode to find out if Kabir s?grr too late to make the move. On the day of Gunjan's 'Godbharai', K?resye announces that Rachna is pregnant and everyone is elated with the news. The show ends on a happy note where all family members pose for a group photo. K?resste episode and events[ edit ] "Rachna Ki Sagai" was a special Mahaepisode broadcast K?rrste 19 Januaryat 3: Madness - Baggy Trousers 2: Madness - Cardiac Arrest 2: Madness - Driving in my Car 3: Madness - Embarrassment 3: Madness - Grey Day 3: Madness - House of Fun 2: Madness - It Must Be Love 3: Madness - Michael Caine 3: Madness - My Girl 0: Madness - Night boat to Cairo 3: Madness - One Better Day 4: Madness - One Step Beyond 3: Madness - Our House 3: Madness - Sweetest Girl Extended Version 5: Madness - Uncle Sam 3: Madness - Waiting for the Ghost Train 3: Madness - Wings of a Dove 2: Madness - Yesterday's Men 4: Madness - The Prince 3: Nationalteatern - Finnas 4: Sillstryparn - Doin' the omoralisk schlagerfe 4: Nationalteatern - Innerst inne 3: Nationalteatern - Inuti Varann 3: Nationalteatern - Jack The Ripper 4: Nationalteatern - Luffarrock 1 2: Nationalteatern - Mr John Carlos 6: Nationalteatern - Paradisets berg 2:

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