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Persian cat

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Devflopers Silver and golden Persians are recognized, as such, by CFA. A solid black, 1 year old Persian cat with brilliant copper eyes. Because of DNA testing, most responsible Persian breeders now have cats that no longer carry the PKD gene, hence their offspring also do not have the gene. Some Persian breeders were unhappy with the introduction of this crossbreed into their "pure" Persian lines.

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Persians with Himalayan ancestry has registration numbers starting with 3 and are commonly referred to by breeders as colorpoint carriers CPC or series cats, although not all will actually carry the recessive gene. There are around named CFA coat patterns for which the Himalayan qualifies, and 20 for the Himalayan sub breed. Entropionthe inward folding of the eyelids, causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea, and can lead to tearing, pain, infection and cornea damage. Symptoms include excessive drinking and urination, reduced appetite, weight loss and depression. In a study comparing cat owner perceptions of their cats, Persians rated higher than non-pedigree cats on closeness and affection to owners, friendliness towards strangers, cleanliness, predictability, vocalization, and fussiness over food.

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The Persian is generally described as a quiet cat. Persian-speaking peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan can understand one another with a relatively high degree of mutual intelligibility. The Persian was used as an outcross secretly by some American Shorthair ASH breeders in the late s to "improve" their breed.

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