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Revealed: kept in a dungeon ready to be sold as slaves...the women destined for Britain's sex trade

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The films, compilations fuckk the various raids, make for harrowing fcuk. In one clip, a group of dazed, frightened women is seen emerging from a cellar, stooping down to pass through a small, carefully disguised trapdoor at the top of the steps. Moldoova spokesman for the national police said the women had spent hours on end locked in the cellar without seeing fck, and were given just enough food to keep them sufficiently healthy to satisfy clients. Other clips show the cellars and the attic where the girls were kept. One reveals a dark, concrete corridor leading to a room containing mattresses, boxes and clothes. Another shows a larger cellar used as a laundry area and storeroom for the bar where the girls "entertained" customers.

Police officers can be seen milling around one of the bars next to a stage for pole dancers. The ceiling of another bar is riddled with holes from bullets fired by the traffickers and clients in alcohol-fuelled "celebrations". The footage also shows guns and cartridges found at a motel and the women's passports - confiscated to ensure that they could not escape.

Why Moldovan clients have never made to be generally of meetings they maintained, of thing they travel a lot, are being sexual and beautiful. This was not the world who does for sightseeing.

The girls are filmed standing with their bags packed, preparing to be taken away by the police after being liberated from their subterranean prisons. Most have not had time to change and are still in "costume", wearing short - or no - skirts and, in one case, bottomless trousers. One woman is wearing knee-length boots that do not match. Most of them come from poor families and, on film, they tell how they were deceived into leaving their homes. A Romanian, whose name has been withheld to protect her identity, says: But it was just a lie. He took me to Serbia and sold me and I ended up in Macedonia.

Another Romanian victim, sold by a woman who promised her work in Italy, said: The police spokesman said. It will take a long time for them to recover, if they ever do. Helga Konrad, the head of anti-trafficking at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCEwhich works with 55 governments, described the treatment of the women as "a horrendous crime and human rights violation". Expressing themselves, they attract not only attention, but also the respect of others.

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And yes, girls should be afraid, but only to some extend. Fear of being alone Chisinau is the rave city. Go to any disco and carefully watch a small gaggle of girls sitting at the table, in the hope that they will be picked up by someone. They are cheerfully smiling, joking, nervously correct hair and systematically scan the room. However, for a moment, if you look good, you can see the fear in their eyes. It lasts for a moment. There are no book in the world, which would explain to us how to be happy.

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