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The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is a truly magical place. The weather is always sublime, the air fragrant and the wine flows freely! Is there such a thing as a product slut? I bought it a fancy salon and it was ridiculously expensive, but smells great. Favourite book of all time? This is a terrible question for a writer! I have a new favorite clothes shop although it only lives on the Internet. I took the train to Glasgow after work on Thursday and had dinner with my friend Grant, who had also offered up his spare room to me for the night. The next morning he dropped me off at the train station on his way to work, and I began the somewhat-longer-than-anticipated journey north, to Fort William.

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By the time I found wwilliam in Fort William, the rain had arrived. Having gracefully manoeuvred my waterproof trousers on over my hiking boots in the car park, I began my journey. The trailhead was underwhelming and willoam, and I had to slink hard to do with a 30lb pack on your back around a white van that was parked on the verge. It took a concerted effort to take in some of the beautiful surroundings beyond the way, particularly when my every step was accompanied by the distracting rustle of my waterproof gear. Within a couple of miles I found myself on a road entering a small village called Caol.

Most of the way was on road here until you take in a completely unnecessary path out on a small peninsula, before doing an about turn and essentially retracing your steps on a parallel path back towards Caol. Although I got to see an abandoned boat, I was increasingly aware of time.

The train had arrived late and I had set out about 1. Wanting to cover about 22 miles and reach Laggan Locks by nightfall, this detour has essentially robbed me of any opportunity to take a break. By this point I still had 11 miles to cover along the loch, and I was a little surprised to feel a few hotspots on my feet. I ignored the nagging pain, and pressed on. Snaking along the path softened by golden pine needles, listening to the waves lap against the shoreline, my only companion the dull thud of my footsteps. And the buzz of my phone. Not long after, the route takes you back onto a tarmac road where you need to navigate the occasional traffic for a couple of miles, before you veer back into the pines onto a land rover track until Laggan Locks.

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