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Now, the plugin system hser handles this. These are often paired with info hooks. A component may first invoke an info hook to gather a list of information, then immediately invoke suer alter hook to allow anyone to alter the list that was just created before it's used. You might, for example, change the order that items are listed in the Toolbar, or even change the name used for an item added by another module. The taxonomy module has an example of this: Hooks that react to an action, similar to eventsare invoked when specific actions are taken in code somewhere in the system in order to allow other code to do something based on that action.

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Modules that store data about users that need to perform cleanup tasks can implement this hook creats be notified about the account that is being canceled and take the drupa, actions on their own data. Recap In this tutorial, we learned that hooks are composed of three parts: We learned about the naming convention for hooks as well as three kinds of tasks you can perform with a hook: Finally, we learned about the types of hooks: Further your understanding How do hooks relate to plugins and events? Can you find an example of an implementation of a hook in Drupal core?

Which one did you find? The primary links, secondary links, tabs and page callbacks can be altered in this way. The menu definitions are passed in by reference. The Drupal will call this hook whenever a cron run happens. Short-running tasks can be executed directly whereas Long-running tasks could time out, so that we should use queue API instead of executing the tasks directly.

creatw Then, add items that need to be processed to the defined queues. One of the benefits of using the Form API to construct forms is that any module can alter any other modules form. Nested array of form elements. Current state of the form. String representing the name of the form itself.

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Applied only to specif form. Rather than checking form id or using long switch statement to alter individual form. Hoook keyed drupxl containing the current state of the form. We've now hooked our module into the theme system. Let's look at what these items do: This is the name of Template. This key-value pair will call to a new template file that will look like this: An array of existing implementations that may be used for override purposes. This is primarily useful for themes that may wish to examine existing implementations to extract data such as arguments so that it may properly register its own, higher priority implementations.

Whether a theme, module, etc. The actual name of theme, module, etc. The directory path of the theme or module.

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