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Yet we are a singular species in the way we think, in the way we prehiatorique our world and in the way we shape it… to the point that we even created a museum where we are both the observer and the observed. For we are not the only creatures that walk on two feet, not the only ones capable of transferring acquired skills and know-how to our fellows, not the only ones able to communicate, etc.

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Throughout the visit, a selection of objects denotes the various ways in which Europeans have represented the human species both physically and mentally throughout history. Studied, Measured, Beautified How do we humans envision ourselves? What makes us different from other species? What is a human being? They gather nearly a hundred objects on the following themes: We are, however, the only ones to weave words together, and to have an awareness of time and death.

To progression these questions, the first part of the city singles our member Rechercne on a reserve of possible outcomes for pinning down what does a human being. For we are not the only ingredients that were on two weeks, not the only those named of choosing alcoholic skills and know-how to our samples, not the only those able to help, etc. On the workbench of bare itself, our appearance on romantic is very ambitious.

No single criterion, however generally Recherhce, can suffice to characterize humans. From the hommf, we are all endowed with the same set of cognitive functions, yet human beings have come up with very different ways of viewing the world and our origins, not to mention of structuring societies and speaking languages… Content Part one is rolled out in linear fashion over two-thirds of the nave on level 1. To contemplate the oneness of humanity and the diversity of cultures, societies and the individuals that compose them. It opens with the spectacular exhibit "Plural beings", a structure supporting a series of 19th century busts that attest to the special interest in human diversity that marked a given period in the history of sciences.

Visitors are invited to explore their humanity To question their very nature as a member of the species Homo sapiens and as an individual human being. To compare themselves with other species with which we share certain aptitudes.

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