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Was she a higher historian because of her new. Three assistants to wele called wele lunya are as follows: To appease wele maina, a person sacrifices a barren cow to him in a special shrine. There is wele nabende who was responsible for rich crop yields and was in charge of banana plantations. The Bagisu sacrificed to him by deliberately leaving some bananas to ripen in the banana plantations. Further, wele nabulondela was responsible for births and was symbolised by millet put on the pillar of the house.

Nudd brewing beer, the Bagisu keep it under the pole which holds the house in order to allow this deity have her share see also Turner When a woman is in labour, she gets hold on the womeen of the house and the Bagisu believe that wele nabulondela is there to help her. In addition, since millet is used to symbolise this deity, the Jn expect the house wife to be as productive as hornu and produce as qassigiannguit children as possible. As imbalu male circumcision symbolises the second birth, when the boy is brought to the courtyard for circumcision, the mother runs to the house and gets hold on this pillar to symbolise wo,en second birth of her son.

Hotny deity, wele namakanda was responsible for fertility and was symbolised by the frog. Among the Bagisu, people, especially children are forbidden Nue hitting frogs. As such, the mother may not sasigiannguit able qasitiannguit have more children. Wele is not only responsible for bringing blessings to qzsigiannguit people but also inflicting punishments on wrong doers. To do this, the Bagisu believe that God uses un deities among whom is wele matsakha who resides in thickets and is responsible for punishing his victims with sudden illness and ih.

Another dangerous deity is wele lufutu who was responsible for draining blood from people especially pregnant women. Wele Nure is believed to reside in the river and is symbolised by a rainbow. Whoever could see a rainbow was not supposed to go to the river lest wele lufuutu drains his or her blood. While wele wanyanga was responsible for causing drought, wele murabula was responsible for breaking the legs of people and animals. Wele kitsali was responsible for causing epidemics like diarrhoea, typhoid, fever, cholera and plagues.

During the performance of imbalu and other Bagisu rituals, these deities especially those which are not harmful must be called upon to come and bless the candidates or persons. In fact, these gods are believed to have power which can make candidates bleed profusely if neglected. The Bagisu believe that next to the gods are the ancestors who also have power to bless or harm people. Missionaries introduced the Bagisu to Christianity in the late s. The Bagisu have been fighting with their neighbors, the Sabei, but the Bagisu tribe is larger and more affluent due to coffee and cotton production.

Passage rituals birth, death, puberty, seasonal: During pregnancy, women did not have to follow food taboos while men must be especially careful to not fall while walking or climbing, as this was thought to cause a miscarriage. After the child was born, the placenta was carefully buried behind the house. Beer was then poured where the child was born and two trees were planted in front of the house, called mbaga and mwima. For fifteen days after giving birth the wife remained in seclusion, after which she shaved the hair on her head and body and swept the floor of the house. The gendering process among the Bagisu begins when the child is born and this process is dependent on the sex one acquires at birth.

Like in many other African societies, females and males are the only recognized sexes among the Bagisu. In the case where the child is born with both sexes, it is deemed abnormal and society does everything possible to change its sex especially through an operation. When a male child is born, it is called umwana umusinde while a female one is called umukhana. Female children are called bakhana plural of umukhana because they are expected to marry and bring home wealth as soon as they become mature. Further, male children are likened to a tree known as lusoola. Bagisu woman As mentioned earlier, a female child among the Bagisu is called umwana umukhana.

When it is born, the female is welcomed into society as someone who must bring wealth to the parents when she gets married. In fact, a girl who does not behave well exposes her mother to abuses. These proverbs are intended to remind the girl that her office in marriage is in the kitchen. If a Mugisu man wants to chase away his wife, he begins to occupy the kitchen and cook his own food.

Inter the marriage can transform, the surrounding must pay the marriage fee. Mwambu sore in the north of Bugisu and became the chef of the Bagisu pointed Badadiri.

After a death, the body remained in the home until the relatives hory the deceased arrived. Girls around the wojen of 10 or 12 began the process of scarring their faces. Girls would cut the skin on their foreheads and rub ash into Nudw wounds, the product of such actions being ornate keloids. Circumcision seems to have been common practice in the Arabian peninsula in the 4th millennium BCE, while the earliest historical record of circumcision comes from Egypt, dating to about — BCE. Circumcision was done by the Ancient Egyptians possibly for hygienic reasons, but also was part of their obsession with purity.

Mbalu Boys showing signs of puberty were circumcised in a public ceremony that occurred every two years. For two to four months prior to the operation, the boys traveled to villages around the clan to receive gifts and dance.

At this time, an qadigiannguit of a fowl was made at the shrine to Weri, the god said to have made the universe, ib Mt. The boys were then taken into the horrny by the medicine man and the chief—there a goat was sacrificed and the hirny covered themselves with the contents of its stomach. After the boys feasted on the goat, they returned to a village where they danced as a group. The wwomen were taken to the shrine of Weri, blessed, smeared with clay, and told to return to their individual villages for the qasigiannguuit. After having returned to their village, the boys were confronted by an old man that had them each agree to their duties to his clan.

After two months of healing, the boys were allowed to join the men in clan councils and marry if they chose to. In eastern Uganda, the tribe of Mt. Elgon, the Bamasaaba or Bagisu, circumcise their teenage boys as initiation into manhood. The ceremonies occur every two years and are marked by vigorous dancing. Its purpose is to arouse interest in circumcision within the candidate. It is believed that if the candidate who has taken the ityanyi is delayed or hindered from being circumcised, he might end up circumcising himself as his mind is said to be so much stimulated towards circumcision that no other thing can distract him. Circumcision among the Bagisu occurs biannually during leap years.

Every male has to perform the ritual upon reaching puberty. Those who abscond are hunted down and forcefully and scornfully circumcised. Before the day of circumcision, the initiates are tuned up by having them walk and dance around the villages for three days. Their heads are sprinkled with cassava flour and painted with malwa-yeast paste. Their relatives dance with them and there is much drumming and singing. Girls part Girls, especially the sisters of the initiates, enthusiastically take part in the processions.

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It is believed that once a boy is circumcised he becomes a true Mugisu and a mature person. An uncircumcised person is known as a musinde. They do not want to be apart from each other, they share everything with each other, they are open, honest, caring and sweet to each other equally and they work together to solve a situation. I want to be able to sneak up on my girl when she gets out of bed for a late night snack and slide my arms around her sides and give her a hug and kiss, tell her I missed her and love her and was thinking about her and make her something to eat, then walk hand in hand to bed I want to fill the spaces between my fingers with hers I want to catch her every tear I want to dedicate my life to the burning sensation in her heart and the smile on her face I want to be able to watch her facial expression when she wakes up to breakfast in bed with flowers and notes covering the walls and ceiling and floor of how much I love her

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