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Seven Steps to Convalidation Being married in the eyes of the Church also involves more than just paperwork. The government sees marriage as a legal Convalidatiin that can be easily dresa. In contrast, the Church views marriage as a sacrament instituted Convalidxtion Convalidation dress, a Convalidqtion covenant between husband and wife. Catholics who want their marriage recognized as this permanent and sacramental covenant should begin the convalidation process by making an appointment with their parish priest. There are basically seven steps involved. Certificates of Baptism First, all Catholic spouses must produce new copies of their certificates of baptism.

These can be obtained by requesting a copy of the baptismal record from the parish where the person was baptized, indicating the name of the individual as well as the names of the parentsdate of birth and approximate baptismal date. This usually takes only a few days. Ensure Previous Marriages are Annulled It may be necessary to seek an annulment or declaration of nullity from any previous marriages, if the former spouse is not deceased. A favorable decision is needed before a convalidation ceremony can be scheduled. The priest, or a delegate, will help the petitioner with this process, which can take six months or longer.

There is a shorter form for any Catholic who married outside the Church. A formal annulment is usually not Convaliidation in this case. Abstaining From Conjugal Acts Convalidatuon next step is a difficult one. Couples who approach the Church for convalidation are requested to abstain from sexual union until after the official convalidation ceremony. Until a marriage is deemed sacramentally valid, Catholics who marry outside the Church are considered to be living in a sinful condition and the Church wishes to shield her members from further sin.

The Convalisation may remain together but should refrain from conjugal acts, relying on their faith to strengthen their resolve in this discipline. Why does the Church insist on such stringency? For two main reasons: This is a profound mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the Church. And he who unites himself to the Lord is one with Him in spirit. From these passages of scripture, it is clear that God intended Christian marriage to mirror the relationship of faithful love believers share with Christ. According to the Church, then, marriage is much more than just mutual consent.

It is a grace-filled union that parallels the kinship of love between God and His people, but only within the confines of a truly sacramental marriage. Prepare for Entering the Sacrament of Marriage Canon law also requires some kind of preparation for entering the sacrament of marriage.

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Individual dioceses establish the guidelines for this preparation. This is in addition to completing all the necessary paperwork such as marriage investigation, inquiry form, or premarital documents. Many Catholics who married outside the Church may be hesitant because of their long absence from this sacrament. A sympathetic priest will be able to assist the penitents in confessing to God what is in their hearts. If a couple's wedding took place outside of the church, convalidation is necessary for the marital union to be formally recognized by the Catholic Church.

Although this is a more formal occasion, the etiquette for a convalidation ceremony should basically be almost the same as it would be for any vow renewal ceremony. By following the religious and cultural etiquette associated with convalidation ceremonies, you show your respect for the married couple and enhance the celebration with your presence. Preparation It's important for the couple to work closely with their priest on completing the necessary paperwork well ahead of their anticipated convalidation ceremony.

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A Baptismal Certificate is required from both the husband and the wife. Completion of any testimonial or witness forms should be done in a timely manner. The couple should consult with the priest to see if he dresz they need further counseling or can do so after a simple interview. They should go individually and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the week before the Catholic convalidation ceremony. It's the couple's responsibility to be proactive in their preparations for the ceremony. Leaving it up to the priest or other clergy members to do extra work that can be done by the couple is considered very poor etiquette.

What to Wear Women should dress up for the convalidation, but they usually don't wear white. If the wife wants to wear white, though, there are no rules against that, and doing so is not considered poor etiquette.

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