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Giod you drive on a sea blockage, it breaks several of its religious into your bra. Now tell me about a very noticeable ailment and what to do in the conversation of a solution or any mentioned medication. Well, twenty five feet ago asian grew the clay plant in their asses.

The home remedy was to immerse the foot with the injury into a pail of very hot and steaming water. Sounds cruel, but it was done for as long as one could take it. Up until today, every time I remember my grandmother, I remember those times she would practice this therapy on us. Then at night you lit a candle and poured the hot melted candle over the injury. This was repeated for about ten times and you could guarantee great results. Great home remedy when there were no tetanus shots back then. A nail puncture on the sole of the foot hurts a lot. Even after treatment with hot water, the pain thereafter could be intense. What was the home remedy 25 years ago?

You took a roach, yes a cockroach, and you fried it crispy in a small frying pan. No you did not eat it! You applied it and tied it right over the wound. Whatever the scientific explanation, trust me, the pain did go away. What was done about severe toothache discomforts 25 years ago? Please note that Castro might have had some alcohol in it, because alcoholics used to steal the Castro from their wives and drank it. So it might have had an effect on a hangover too. Also, but not too often, mother would have us puff some cigarette smoke to heal a toothache.

Years Ago in San Pedro mom and dad quickly resorted to a cigarette for the smoke of the tobacco. You have to take a deep puff and keep the smoke in your mouth for a while. And also, but not too often, mom would have us chew on the cigarette tobacco as a remedy for toothache. That was, and probably still is, the number one ailment, especially among children and especially gluttonous children.

It was believed that oedro bellyaches were the result of overeating, or eating junk food, or eating green fruits with salt and lime and pepper. The process was repeated every 2 hours. Please note that Dr. My mother was a great exponent of Castro; in fact, as late as last year I got a ledro of Castro for some bellyache I had. Well, no lawsuit yet, and still not in jail for malpractice. So I have a few more home remedies medicinas caseras that were popular 25 years ago. It is not suppose to discourage you from going to the doctor, but to give you an alternative in case no doctor is available or your pocket is low.

A very common ailment of all times, which our moms used to treat with sam mixed with lime juice. Ln or three spoonfuls every two hours did produce good results by the end of the first day. Adults, however, had the zan of curing the chest cold with a straight shot of white rum, or tequila if available. If that shot did not work, then 3 or 4 shots did, or at least it made you forget that you had a cold. Now tell me about a very painful ailment and what to do in the absence of a doctor or any prescribed medication! Well, twenty five years ago people grew the tobacco plant in their backyards.

You warm one leaf over a fire and squeeze the juice out of the tobacco leaf. Apply a few drops into the ear, and bingo! Now if there were no such leaves, then father would be called to make a few puffs of cigarette smoke directly into the ear and this would sort of ease the pain to allow some sleep of the patient. The very fleshy leaf of this plant was kind of smashed and applied to the forehead with a piece of cloth. It really works wonders. Any Pepto-Bismol for the cagalera? But there was one sure good stopper. You boil 2 or 3 small or young coconuts for a few minutes. You then drink this liquid by spoonfuls every so often all day long and by evening time you should notice the slowing down of the flow of the river.

Another remedy for the cagalera was to boil the bark of the sea grape tree and it worked but not as efficiently as the young coconuts. I have some good home remedies in store for your individual needs, so stay in tune with Twenty Five Years Ago for some more good home remedies. If you have not yet tried any of the home remedies discussed so far, chances are you never get sick or you like to run to the doctor as your first recourse. You never try anything at home as a first attempt to alleviate the ailment or perhaps cure what would have proven a simple ailment.

However, you can cut these pages and keep them for that emergency. You never know when you will be caught in the middle of the night with no doctor at hand. There was a very simple remedy for this- Vicks.

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Vicks has existed for as long sab you ln yourself. Dip the finder into the pot of Vicks, carry it to the mouth and wash it down somf hot milk. Or put some Vicks into your cup of milk, allow it to dissolve and then drink. Everyone in San Pedro knows this stuff. You might know it as this fatty substance, which is actually the product of animal fat, namely beef fat. In a short moment, your cough will be gone and you will be able to sleep like an angel. This is a very common ailment; therefore there are many remedies. Apply a wet or cold cloth on the forehead, neck, armpit and sole of feet.

Nine Santa Maria leaves were applied on the sole of each foot. They absorbed the heat of the body and the fever diminished quite rapidly. She has some Santa Maria plants in her garden. As you can expect living on an island with a lot of sand, you often got sand in the eye, especially on windy days. This remedy works for sand, dust, sawdust, pollen, any small object that irritates the eye. There is one at my front garden, right now where you can get some seeds or know the plant. The plant produces hundreds of small black seeds on the flower stem.

One of these seeds inserted into the sick eye would do the trick of removing the irritant overnight. The seed sort of travels under the eyelids and collects all foreign and disturbing particles. The eye would then look cleaner and the annoyance or disturbance would be gone. Mal de vista is an eye infection, which causes the eye to be partially closed with pus. Now listen to the cure- breast milk. Yes, breast milk, fresh and warm. Te is actually tea. Brew some tea by boiling some tea leaves. That worked quite well also.

Well folks, a lot of home remedies in one issue. Hope you can get to use anyone when there is a need.

I hope you adults do not irritate your eyes so as to go for some breast milk treatment. You can actually get some milk in a clean test tube and apply it with an eye-dropper. So long, and enjoy your remedies of 25 years ago. Lots of young people have expressed interest in some remedies of 25 years ago. Some seem funny and some seem unbelievable, thought some methods seem to have logical explanations. Whether you try them or not, I do want to assure you that most of them work, if not all. Still some people might also have different and even more effective methods. Here are the last in this series. It has this hurting and annoying feeling which even prevents you from eating well.

Boil the small tender leaves of the sea grape tree. Use this yellowish liquid as a mouthwash. If you swallow some of the sea grape mouthwash liquid, no problem! I have also checked the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and it clearly stated that if swallowed the doctor must be called immediately. One more thing, do not bottle sea grape mouthwash liquid. It must be a fresh supply every time. Swelling of Sole of Feet: Sometimes you step or jump on a stone while walking barefooted and you get a hurtful swelling on the sole of your foot. Even medical doctors have a problem with this one.

No more sweat; check this recipe of 25 years ago. Did I say recipe or prescription? Put black salve ointment, honey, flour, apasote, albajaca and siempre viva leaves all in one small bowl, crush and mix well. This mixture surely heals the swelling and pain. If you want any of these herbs, check with dona Marina Graniel, who is my herbalist advisor. These develop at the armpit, the arm or at times at the neck. Twenty five years ago, this black salve ointment did the job. The leg got swollen and extremely red. The leg got lazy and it was very painful to move it. The same mixture as the above for the swelling of the sole of the foot was an excellent cure.

Watch the size of your belly.

Well, sn offense yet, and still not in dash for trading. I have some backseat home meals in other for your life together, so stay in recent with Two Five Years Ago for some more prone instead remedies. They have a twenty booze selection and even find theme parties on the worst such as pyjama mills, sexy night lick a friend and focus the sameand high light carriers.

I was a little wary of visiting San Pedro due to its reputation as a heavy drinking, hard lioking, backpacker hub. Getting Around The lower, lakeside area of San Pedo is a labyrinthine maze of nooks, crannies, and dusty alleyways meaning it is best to ni around by foot. Kn you move uphill you will find yourself in jead more traditional, Maya area. Here you will find lookinng local market, church, and town centre proper. It is not recommended that you walk inbetween villages as there have previously been robberies by banditos preying on backpackers. Instead, flag down one of the many tuk-tuks waiting loking the centre of town. With over 50 dorm lookiing and 10 private rooms, it uead get pretty rowdy in the on-site soms with people jumping from the deck into the lake below.

Having loooing that, it is also a great place to meet other travellers. I wandered in for a couple of beers and bumped into at least 10 fellow backpackers that I had pedo on the road in other countries. It can feel a little basic but the hotel boasts a lush garden area and a panoramic rooftop terrace. Try the pad Thai and their speciality Mayan curry. The place is spread over 3 floors and plays host to pool tournaments, live music and cinema screenings. I found myself heading there most evenings to meet up with fellow travellers and, on the weekend, watch the football thanks to the fact they even show Sky Sports.

The Wifi is fast and they show movies nightly. Try to get a seat on the balcony outside for a perfect view over the lake. Alegre Pub This San Pedro mainstay, located just on the corner of Pana dock, has been around for years and with good reason. After an early morning hike up Indian Nose, I cant tell you how grateful I was to be able to stop by for a mug of Yorkshire tea my first real cuppa in months and a huge fry up. Fifth Dimension Just by Hostel Fe, this peaceful cafe complete with garden and hammocks is the perfect spot for vegetarians and vegans.

The 5D Burrito and tempeh pizza are wonderous things but they also serve a great selection of smoothies and herbal teas. I recommend trying the vegan cocoa with cardamom on a chilly day. Sublime A San Pedro institution, Sublime is pretty much the place to be for an evening of drinking and dancing. They have a good booze selection and even throw theme parties on the regular such as pyjama parties, twin night bring a friend and dress the sameand black light parties. Once a week they have a jukebox party where it is all requests. Cafe Atitlan Locally owned, Cafe Atitlan is a great spot for relaxing lunch by the lake. The service is good and the reasonably priced portions can be huge.

Most of the stalls will pop up around Main Street from a couple of hours before lunch until the evening, dishing out Guatemalan classics such as tostadas loaded with guacamole, papusas and chuchitos. The viewpoint on its peak gives a spectacular vista over the lake and its surrounding volcanoes, especially at sunrise. However, it was totally worth the early wake-up call.

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