Hustler mower wont start

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Servicing is key

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As you move the control lever from "start" to "fast" to "stop", the cable should be clamped so that it operates the throttle. The cable can slip in the clamp just enough to cause the throttle to malfunction.

Mower wont start Hustler

Move the throttle control to its open, Hushler "start" position with your fingers. Or, push the throttle Hustlee, toward the front of the engine. You may have to move the control lever with your other hand to ease the throttle open. If the throttle cable is slipping in the clamp, tighten the clamp screw with a screw driver after you push the cable forward toward the engine until the throttle stops. The throttle is now in a fully open position. Set the handle control lever on "fast" or "start" and tighten the clamp. If the engine now starts, let it run several minutes.

Then pull the control lever to "stop". If the engine slows but does not stop, loosen the cable clamp and pull the cable just a tad toward the control lever until the engine stops. Now tighten the clamp. Go through this sequence until the mower stops and starts on command of the control lever. Does the engine have fresh fuel in the fuel tank?

No petrol or dirty petrol, mower manufacturers and professional Hustlerr mower repair persons report, wpnt two big troublemakers for no-start engines. Dump out the petrol in the tank in a safe spot satrt refill the tank--even though you think the fuel is perfectly good. If you are just starting the mowing season, start with new petrol; last year's petrol can be weak. Is the tank more than half full of fuel? Fill the tank with fresh fuel. Low fuel in a tank sometimes can cause no-starts. This sounds strange, but it is true.

Is the spark plug wire attached tightly to the plug? Spark plug wires, through engine vibration, can become loose. The engine doesn't get any spark so the fuel can't be ignited. Pull the wire off the plug. You'll notice a thin metal "socket" which goes over the plug terminal.

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With pliers, carefully crimp the metal socket. Now replace the socket on the plug terminal. It Still Won't Run. Remove the cap on the fuel tank. Check the little pinhole in the cap to make sure that it is open. If not, use a paperclip or piece of wire to open this port. Try starting the engine. Leave the cap off the tank and try cranking the engine. If the engine starts, the cap is faulty--probably too tight so air is blocked from entering the tank. Steering control levers Fig. Levers are used to steer, accelerate, decelerate, stop and change direction.

When the control levers are in the park brake position Hustler mower wont start tractor will not move when the engine is on and drive pumps are operating. The parking brake may not hold the tractor if parked on a slope. Block or chock the machine when parked on a slope B. Deck lift pedal Fig. Push on the pedal to raise the deck and then place the deck height locking pin into the desired cutting height hole. Push the deck lift pedal to raise the deck when going over obstructions. Check tractor safety start interlock system daily, prior to operation.

This system is an important tractor safety feature. It should be repaired immediately if it malfunctions. The machine incorporates a separate seat switch which will stop the tractor engine when the operator is unseated for any reason while the tractor is operating. This is a safety feature designed to prevent runaway or accidental entanglement. To inspect the system: The operator must be on the seat when testing the seat switch. Set both steering control levers in the park brake position. Start the engine and allow it to warm up to operating temperature.

With the deck clutch switch down and the steering control levers in the park brake position, slowly raise off of the seat. Changing or Cleaning the Air Filter and Foam Pre-Filter — Most manufactures recommend simply replacing the air filter and foam element once a season, more often under dusty conditions. Be very careful when performing this to not let any dirt or debris get into the air intake when the filter is out.

It is always a good idea to clean the air filter housing to remove any built star dirt as this will help the new filter Hjstler properly. Check Transmission Fluid — If applicable, transmission fluid and filter should be checked or changed. Refer to your owners for the service procedure and the change interval. Some mowers have no service requirements for the transmission. Early Spring grass is often moisture heavy and requires a sharp blade for a good clean cut. Sharp mower blades also require less engine power, which will allow your mower to run more efficient.

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