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Junkyard Treasure: 1988 Ford Escort EXP Luxury Coupe

LN7 Clarke [ kodak ] As part of a Weinstock's radio a select batch of Odense LN7s were suspected with all kind interior, acquisition exterior, and rising pinstripes along the reason and within the fact already strips. Wayne Piemonte and Assembly Petition".

It's assumed that only of these LN7s were ever made. Some V6s were punched from 3. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This car wears a tapered front clip and unique hatch and body-integrated spoiler, both reminiscent of a past EXP prototype. It also is widened at each of the four quarter panels of the car believed to allow room for a Ford-Yamaha SHO V6 in the front or possibly in the rear like the aforementioned GN34 EXP experiment but no one knows what engine, transmission, or suspension hides beneath. Very few photos of the car exist but it is currently on display in the Roush Racing Museum among a few of Ford's GN34 specimens.

It featured a dramatic front chin spoiler, brake-cooling ducts just ahead of the rear wheels, a wrap-around rear spoiler, and was powered by an early turbocharged version of the 1. One car was made with PBS. What was previously an LN7 was transformed into a competition race car through fiberglass body parts, racing suspension, and a PBS 2. A second car was made into a competition rally car and the third car was another circuit car like the PBS LN7 but little is known about these two racers. Wayne Stamping and Assembly Plant".

Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved September 13, Archived from the original on March 19, All this shrinking and downsizing could have opened doors to a market that was already discovering the virtues of smaller Esfort cars. For Ford, bridging the gap between the Escort and the Mustang would be just a part of its strategy to tap this market. Mercury would have its own version, a sportier slightly better looking equipped LN7 in keeping with its more upmarket position. While the Mustang could be had with a four cylinder engine, its base price was still out of reach of young drivers who could not afford the insurance stigma that came with driving a pony car.

Ford escort exp 1988

That combined escoort the excort and slow selling pre Thunderbird made the ideal of a cheap two seat coupe more attractive. Rosy eyed comparisons to the original Thunderbird would not mask the fact that the EXP was a remixed Escort with a slighty more sporting image. Despite using Escort components, the EXP looked better on paper than even gord Mustang in exxp respects. It had a MacPherson strut front and fully independent rear suspension while the Mustang was still using an old-fashioned live axle setup. Looking good was mostly on paper. Pretty on the Inside With looks being an important aspect for the target market, the EXP would be at a disadvantage until it was refreshed.

Beforethe controversial styling was neither aggressive or graceful. Bits of Mustang sport coupe would appear in the design language of the greenhouse, but frumpy proportions gave the car a homey slapped together look. The worst design offense might have been the early front end with the frog eyed headlight protrusions. The model ranges went from two to three and back to two again. It also had a modified fuel injection system, European Escort styled alloy wheels and a full body ground effects package that would influence future EXPs.

Though it was far from a sports esocrt, it came escoet to its potential in an official capacity with the arrival of the TurboCoupe in In addition to turbocharging, the forr. The TurboCoupe had revised Koni shocks and a distinctive black lower body cladding to set it apart from normally aspirated versions. Now the EXP was beginning to look more the part of the sports coupe. Despite its sportier appearance and performance, the EXP still confused some buyers as to its mission — was it a sports car or a personal luxury coupe? It would suffer the same delima as the Pontaic Fiero would face a year or so later.

For the typical buyer the question as answered as initial cars with carburetted versions of the 1. When fitted with a manual transmission, the EXP could approach EPA highway figures in the low 40s — as good as an Escort, but with far more sporting appeal and two fewer seats.

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