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But I still always keeping back on improving the most EEat tool of all, my lips and my hard to listen to find out there what my shaft wants and how I can provide. I will provide next to you have. Social thoughts Following the above determination will find you a pro at driving composing.

Try to stay away from the pussy as much as possible. You can graze her outer lips or brush up against her bush, but under no circumstance are you to touch her pussy for at least 20 minutes. Find five areas that drive your partner wild, and remember them for next time. Set yourself up for success and get cozy as fuck. Ask your partner to scoot up on the bed and to orient herself on a diagonal so that you can cozy up between her legs without falling off the bed. Curious if your partner is getting turned on? Pay close attention to how she moves her body. Is she subtly rotating her hips with your timing? Is she thrusting into your mouth to meet your tongue? Is her skin is getting flushed? Is her clitoris getting swollen?

Is she getting wet? Can you see moisture dripping from her pussy? Keep it up, and you just might make your partner an incredibly happy woman. Did she pull away slightly when you increased the pressure of your tongue on her clitoris? Did she stop moaning when you changed from putting constant pressure on her g-spot to sliding your fingers in and out? Look at her face.

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cojilla Look at her chest. Pay attention to her Eqt. Once you tease you I'll put a collar and leash on ih and walk you around the room on ur hands on knees. I will spank and finger your asshole. I will take off the collar and then sit on the edge of the bed. You will crawl over to me and spit on my cock, sucking and stroking it. I will stand up Eat pussy in comilla you will pusssy on Eag knees. I will face fuck you making you gag and deep throat my cock. You can rub your pussy while you suck. I will push the back of your head down on my dick and also while my cock is down ur throat I will reach over and spank your ass lightly.

If it gets to intense then you can squeeze my ankle as a sign for me to give you a brake and let you relax. It takes a while to get used to this double action, but it is easy once you figure it out. Keep your jaw relaxed, otherwise you will cramp and give up. Start slow, building up speed as she gets more aroused. For clits that are less sensitive, part the fold of skin to expose the tip. Lick it gently until she presses against you. This means she wants more. Lick harder, and increase your speed. Do not go too fast, or you will tire long before she climaxes.

The trick is to use a rhythm you can sustain for a while.

Comila if you have very rashly experience, licking her unimportant will make her cum. I will not saying your most hard, choke you filthy, slap you are, but if I do too much competent say Cherries and I will give to do these threats slip.

It is better to eat vagina by either licking or ln, to avoid breaking pussu rhythm. There are some more pusey techniques to cunnilingus Ringa Ringa Rosy, The Cha Cha Slide, and the Incy Wincy Spiderbut the basics are more than enough to bring her to orgasm over and over again. You will definitely not fail to see the orgasm coming. She will grab your head and press against you, demanding more. She will grow tense, and scream beautifully as she explodes into a trembling orgasm. Keep going and do not stop till her hands push you away. Some women keep coming several times, so make her pussy squirt by continuously licking it.

Remember that women are not like men. An orgasm for them is not the end of sex.

For you, this is just the beginning. Make sure not to fuck it up! Read up on the worst mistakes you can make when sucking pussy. Finger Her Want to earn extra brownie points? Fingering her pussy as you lick her vagina is very arousing. Gently caress the entrance of the vagina and inside of the labia. These areas are full of sensitive nerves, so stroking them with your fingers will enhance the pleasure. If she likes it, give her a finger fuck as you lick vagina. Afterplay She might want to repay the favor. Sixty-nining is an incredibly arousing experience. Ass Play If she really wants to return the favor, let her play with your ass.

Prostate orgasm is the closest a man can get to the equivalent of a female orgasm. Recovery time While her clitoris is still too sensitive, indulge in some simple affection. Tell her some dirty secrets and give her kisses and caresses. Once she is ready for more, whip out your cock and fuck her to pieces. Start slowly, and then build up the intensity and speed. Since she has already climaxed, the pressure will be off, so you can enjoy yourself totally. Final thoughts Following the above advice will make you a pro at eating pussy. Remember that one of the most important things is to learn to read her reactions when you eat pussy.

This becomes easy with practice. One final piece of advice: This will stop you from stopping for a breather, which will set you back several minutes. Once you master how to lick pussy, women will be falling over themselves to spread thighs for you!

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