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They did this so that women like me — a white Western woman — could attend school and university; to learn to read, write, and think critically; to gain a degree; to get a job and be paid an equal salary to a man in the same position; and to sit here with my own computer and type all of this. Feminism is a movement for freedom, equality, choice, love, compassion, respect, solidarity, and education. We may argue, we may disagree, we may struggle to understand the choices and perspectives of others sometimes, but these core beliefs of the movement have never changed, and they never will. That is why I am a Feminist. If you feel that you have so far lived your life unaffected by even the mildest form of sexism — anything from feeling uncomfortable when a man catcalls you in the street, to feeling scared walking home alone at night in a secluded area — and are treated with love and respect by every man in your life, then to you I say: But perhaps take a second to consider the life of the Pakistani woman who was beaten to death by her own family for marrying a man of her choosing.

Or the life of the Indian woman who was raped, beaten, and murdered on a bus by a gang of men. Or the life of the little girl in Niger who was sold to a man more than twice her own age and forced to carry a baby that may kill her to deliver. Do they still need feminism? And perhaps take a second to consider this too: Why are more women than men domestically abused or even killed every week at the hands of their male partner or ex-partner? And what about on a cultural level? Have you ever noticed how comedy panel shows usually only have one female panellist compared to male ones?

That almost every dieting product on the market is solely aimed at women? How a lot of newspapers and advertising campaigns will use a sexualised or pornographic image of a woman to sell news or products that have nothing to do with sex? Or perhaps on a personal level: Do you choose to cover yourself up because you want to or because you feel ashamed or intimidated by a man looking at your body? Did you parents dress you in pink as a baby because they liked the colour or because you were born a girl?

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