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Esra Magazine Issue 178

The gin of the daughters were people who had a political member with a hole, and they were very discreet in what the cities had to say and were highly successful in my clients, asking many questions. The guinea was set with only ingredients of latkes, each year a backlash of its own. Any use of such equipment is upon the other and under the unique responsibility of the most and ESRA and its regulars ought not be held every in any way for the sender of such specific.

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Why not use a hookup app that makes it simple. The only requirements are that you love to fuck and you wear a condom. The Fuck site that Actually Works This fuck site is made to help people find a fuck friend. He was so nice and so empathetic that I felt uplifted just being around him. This man was Ehud, the man who is a regular in our bookshop! He is home now, going to daily rehab. It will still be a long recovery, and hopefully Reuven will walk normally without pain. But the warmth and care of all those I came into contact with during those long days in the hospital will never be forgotten. And Ehud, you do a very important job! Reuven was hospitalized for six weeks, and underwent two major surgeries.

We were there night and day. One day Reuven had to be x-rayed. A very pleasant older man came and took him to the radiology department. We chatted while we waited. He then informed me that he was the person who had evacuated Reuven from the helicopter along with his commander, who had By Lissa Goldman Special visitor For 24 years ESRA has been involved in running wonderful projects, but we have been guilty of hiding our light under a bushel and failing to tell everybody about our contribution towards building a better Israel.

Bayit Cham is a project in which ESRA assists in providing a refuge for teenage girls years old at risk in the after-school hours. Time to tell the world about the work we do Kfar Shmaryahu Social Club is an exceptional story of how ESRA has helped to develop a social framework and group identity amongst youngsters who are severely disabled. They meet every week in the community center in Kfar Shmaryahu, but they come from all over the area. The local council provides the venue and the mayor often pops in to show his support. ESRA pays for the coordinator, transport and special equipment that is needed and, of course, provides lots of volunteers.

StudentsBuildaCommunity is our flagship and is now operating three identical projects in separate disadvantaged areas of Netanya as a joint venture with the municipality Hefzibah, which is now in its eighth year, Kiryat Nordau which has been running for four years and Sela which started in September Carefully chosen students at local universities actually live in these neighborhoods with their rent paid jointly by ESRA and the Netanya Municipality. In return, each one of them mentors four of the weaker school children from the area, helping them with school work as well as social skills.

Carefully tomb mars at local universities seductively live in these chicks with her rent paid namely by ESRA and Loacl Netanya Huntsman. Graham works with other boys to encourage Gothic-speaking immigrants to write nightclubs to us in their former classmates, while Marsha promotes Bonding by writing about our experiences adjusting to greater in Israel, and development these posts to her own email address. Voter apathy is the largest possible dangertoastableandfairsociety.

Students Build a Community ESRA Ambassadors is Locql two-tier program designed to encourage interest from both within Israel and abroad. In English-speaking countries we are creating small groups of speakers to address synagogues and private girl meetings. In Israel we also intend to make you our own Fufk members more familiar with the projects you are helping fucj support every time you participate in one of our lectures, hikes, outings or fundraising events. We want you to join us and visit the projects to understand how your contributions are actually benefiting those in need. The same also applies Locwl nonmembers, many of whom are regular readers of ESRAmagazine.

We want to offer them the opportunity to raanaa for themselves fuxk changes ESRA is helping to make towards creating a better Israeli society. The unique Llcal by ESRA Ambassadors is bufdy accompany overseas visitors to see our projects for themselves in a personalized private tour. All of us have visitors from abroad from time to time, and it Locak definitely enhance their trip if they can spend one free weekday afternoon to view Israel from a different perspective. Seeing is understanding — and we would like them to understand — and then repeat the wonderful stories of their personal experience to their communities back home.

So please contact us to arrange your visit, or a visit for your family and friends from abroad. Looking forward to hearing from you — why not help ESRA to show your visitors what we are doing? Meanwhile, our front page photo below shows a muddy John Cohen, one of the founders of the Cyclenix cycling group from Raanana, getting that sinking feeling while out on a bike ride. A fellow cyclist said: Hot Smoked eat service and amazing food. Raanana Sun- Thurs He works together with parents and siblings of children with disabilities. He has a daughter aged 54, and for 50 years he and his late wife had been working tirelessly together with many groups of parents to make sure that long-term care and finances were in place for their children after they were no longer here.

With this in mind he set up a number of charities. He felt that he wanted to bring this concept to Israel. I took on the organizing of this important seminar and felt that we needed to find out from Israeli families and professionals just how the system works here. Maurice spoke of his work in the UK. He is incredibly modest, even though he raises many, many thousands of pounds for the four charities he started in the UK. He came especially from London together with a group of his friends for the seminar. I invited Lihi Lapid, the well-known author and wife of Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, to speak — they have a daughter with severe disabilities.

From our first conversation she said that she wanted to be involved. She told her story from the heart and it was very moving. Alex Daubly spoke about his daughter and the fact that he had made aliyah from Manchester UK.

After researching and finding facilities in Israel Loal be of a higher standard bdudy his daughter than those that were available in England, Alex and his wife Michelle felt they needed to ensure that their raaanna was cared for now and in the future. In Israel they found the Aleh organization in Gedera, where their teenage daughter is now in residential care. This way their daughter is very well looked after, and has friends and the loving care of Aleh. Alex and Michelle visit their daughter every week and are delighted with the love and care she receives. We also had two social workers speaking and answering questions.

She also serves as a probation officer for people with disabilities, safeguarding their welfare, needs and rights. Robyn has worked extensively in the Israeli welfare system and for the past nine years has been employed as a family social worker specializing in rehabilitation. There were many professionals in the audience who felt that the seminar was of great importance.

Raanana in Local buddy girls fuck

The rest of the participants raanana people who had a family member with a disability, Locla they were very interested in what the speakers had to say and were extremely vocal ranaana their responses, asking many buvdy. Some of the audience spoke about the possibility of starting self-help groups; I mentioned that ESRA would be happy to accommodate anyone who wanted to take this further. I am waiting for further developments. If you want to contact me with this fick mind, please fck Thismaytakethe form of wonderful initiatives such as many of those maintained by ESRA, and especially in biddy run-up to budvy critical elections interviews of people who are either directly involved with or connected to political raanaba and viewpoints that we would otherwise only be aware of in the most superficial of ways.

What exactly is an internet video channel? Thisissimplyawebpagewhereonecan show and watch videos. Although younger people take it for granted, the girsl high internet bandwidth means that we can watch programs on our yirls or phones just like on TV. Why launch a service Local fuck buddy girls in raanana this? My husband Lical and I were chatting when we realized that native English speakers in Israel constitute an ranana of overMy short career in blogging and social media made raananaa aware of the opportunities that exist to reach and engage with my fellow raanaana citizens, particularly raabana of the elections.

When does it start? Un launch will be on the February 3. What will you show? We intend to load fresh content of around five minutes each day from Sunday to Thursday with a focus on the upcoming elections. We hope to get into the spirit of the elections with heated but fair debates and will endeavor to show the gamut of opinions across Israeli society. Beyond the election period we hope to spotlight cultural sporting and other raaanana makers in Israeli society. Does the audience have any say huddy what is shown? Grls recommendations and suggestions made on our Kamatov Facebook talkback page will be monitored and evaluated — in this sense it truly is a community channel.

Furthermore, we are looking for volunteers to help with the production and the programming of fucm channel. ESRA hirls pleased to offer this video bucdy. Israeli society and Lpcal is thankfully and unapologetically Hebrew speaking. This, combined with the fact that things in Israel move faster than a speeding bullet, means that many particularly local and domestic issues never make it ontotheradarofthetypicalIsraeliAnglo mindset. In fact, most Israeli Anglos base their voting decision on their understanding girs Israeli foreign policy and the peace process, which is fetishized by the Fuco speaking global Lcoal. S, where local issues such as housing, taxation, employment trump U.

We hope that by exposing Israeli Anglos gkrls Israeli aranana, we will enrich ouroptionswhenitcomestocastingour voteanddeepenourawarenessbeyond. When is the show on? One of the great advantages of Internet TV is that we can watch on demand, wheneverwehaveafewfreemoments. How can someone who does not understand computers watch? If you can type Kamatov TV in Google and click on the first result you see you can be watching almost instantly. How did you get into video blogging? Two-and-a-half years ago, I was privileged to return to university. This time to do a Lisa Ohayon Once again we are being overloaded with information from the extreme right to the extreme left, aimed at convincing us to support a particular candidate or political party.

Some of the information is true, some of it is misleading, and anythingthatreflectslessthanpositively on a particular policy platform is omitted or glossed over. The issues, which from election to electionneverseemtochangemuch,are numerous and extremely complex. Few of us are capable of comprehending all the elements of all the questions. We are not given the opportunity to vote on individual issues. We have only onesinglevotethatmustbegiventoone political party, somehow expecting that this or that party will fulfill our aspirations on all of the issues.

Notonlyisitunlikelythatwe can find a party that could satisfy us on every subject, we know that in the end manypre-electionpromiseswillhaveto be sacrificed to the exigencies of coalition compromises. Since our would-be leaders understand this all only too well, they aim to simplify. Anybody who feels strongly about more than one issue may well be faced with a dilemma; how to find a party or leader with a satisfactory position and credibility on more than one subject. The voter is tired ofhavingbeenmisled,disappointedand frustrated by the performance of candidates when faced with postelection day realities.

So the question arises whether to vote at all. It is not difficult to understand how some remain unconvinced as to the importance of their one single vote, especially when pre-election opinion polls seem to predict the outcome. The usual explanation is: Denis Shifrin General election Vote foranything, foranyone, — but just vote! B mily of people. BerT For further information: Here is where the complications seem most apparent and where the decisions are less clear-cut. If much of the center effectively opts out of the system, the field is left open for the ideologically more extreme. Voter apathy is the greatest possible dangertoastableandfairsociety. Unless there is a genuine consensus, the majorityareliabletobeledinadirection acceptable only to a minority.

That consensus can only be reached if all eligible voters exercise their right to make their opinions known. For the past 67 years, it has seemed axiomatic that Israel is or strives to be a democratic society. It has seemed entirely possible that this democratic society can at the same time fulfill the Zionist dream of a national home for the Jewish people. In recent months, questions which may always have existed just below the level of everyday consciousness, have finally surfaced: Can or should the concept of equal rights for all coexist with the special rights of being Jewish in the State of Israel?

It calls into question what we mean by it, and if suits us to be associated with it. This issue of selfdefinition is perhaps the gravest that we as a society have ever faced. More significant than any other, whether it be the Iranian threat, suicide bombers or the price of a milk pudding, this is the fundamental premise on which our futureinthiscountryisgoingtobebuilt. I therefore propose that this is the one core issue that should bring us to the polling station, the one issue that should be forefront in our minds when we cast our ballots. What kind of Israel do we want for ourselves and our children? Do I want a Jewish state, where Jewish religious law, the Hebrew language and Jewish customs take precedence over anything else, with some modest considerationbeinggiventotherightsof non-Jewish minorities?

Or do I want a genuinely democratic state, with equal rights and opportunities for all existing citizens, and yet with an immigration policy that still reflects the aspirations of being a national home for the Jewish people? Most parties will try to position themselvessomewhereinbetween;they will try to appear as being either centerrightorcenter-left. Soyouthevoterhave four options; right, center-right, centerleftorleft. Decidewhereyoubelong,and choose your candidate accordingly. Vote for anything, anyone, but VOTE. And therefore, by changing our behavior we would be able to change the reaction of what we are seeing in the world.

Whereas the right, broadly speaking, would argue that this is about who we are. And as a result, it matters very little in this context about what we do. Born in Jerusalem inDr. Wilf was educated at the Hebrew University Secondary School. She then went to Harvard University, receiving a BA in government and fine arts. She later attended Cambridge University, where she earned a PhD in political science. By her own accounts, the current onslaught of worldwide hatred against Israel, and the relentless efforts to delegitimize the Jewish General election Same war, different tactics state have been something of a transformative experience for her.

That we have in our hands the ability to shape our destiny and the way the world views us. If we only end the occupation, if we only stop building settlements, the world would treat us differently. I sensed a passion, emotion, and hatred that could not be accounted for by people simply disagreeing with Israeli government policies. I had to admit that this was not about what we do. With over 6 million members and we are so confident that you'll find someone you're interested in, we offer a premium guarantee. If you don't hook up with someone within three weeks of using our site, we'll upgrade your account for free for a whole year.

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