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Using protection during anal sex Femaoe important to reduce your risk of catching an STI. Be aware that there is a small chance of semen leaking out and dripping into the vagina after anal sex. These include going slowly, working your way up to penetration with the penis with smaller objects such as fingers or sex toys, and using a lot of water-based lubrication. This is because the material of some sex toys may harbour bacteria and infections even after cleaning though not HIV.

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Many men also like having their prostate stimulated. Being safe will help you both feel more relaxed and make sex more enjoyable. Should I have anal sex? They do not imply any health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo. The same applies if you are using sex toys.

Don't use your partner's semen also known as cum as a lubricant. Continual communication as you progress is the best way to make sure you both enjoy anal sex. The same goes for using a finger to stimulate the anus and then putting it in the mouth, as this can pass on STIs such as hepatitis and shigella. The main things to consider are whether it feels right, and whether you and your partner are both sure.

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