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Yet a joint House-Senate investigative committee, deeming North's information vital to the public interest, granted him use immunity before the FBI could fully build its case. North's sextt was televised, and was watched so widely that it became impossible for prosecutors to prove that their case hadn't been influenced by North's admissions to Congress about his own activities. His initial conviction was overturned on appeal by a DC federal court, and he went on to have a successful post-government career as a Fox News personality. Flynn's lawyer is most likely trying to accomplish something similar: Dangling the possibility of Flynn's testimony in front of them, and then building public interest in hearing from him, seems like Kelner's strategy for persuading Congress to make a deal.

Flynn's connections to Russia make the offer somewhat tempting, but they're probably not enoughHere's the attractive core of Kelner's offer, from Congress's point Ajyone view: Michael Flynn has a very long, very lds history of ties to Russia. Flynn was fired from his position as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in Furious with the Obama administration over his ouster and its unwillingness to listen to his hardline views about Islamist terrorism, Flynn started to cozy up with Vladimir Putin's Russia. Flynn did not disclose whether RT was paying him for these appearances.

He sat next to Putin himself, and delivered a speech to the attendees about his view of the world.

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He became one of Trump's key foreign policy advisers and perhaps his most prominent surrogate on national security wanha. During his speech at the Republican National Convention, he led the crowd in a rousing anti-Clinton jeer: On Aext 29, the Obama administration announced lea series of new sanctions on Russia as els for its interference in the US presidential election. That same day, Flynn called Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak multiple times '-- and they talked about the sanctions. This, ultimately, is what got Flynn fired and into hot water with the FBI. But it wasn't the calls themselves; it was the fact that Flynn lied to Vice President Mike Pence about it, and the fact that this lie became public knowledge.

We still don't know whether Flynn called Kislyak on his own initiative or with the president's approval. The key question for both Congress and the FBI is whether the Trump campaign knew about Russia's hacking of the Clinton campaign and colluded in it '-- and, if so, whether Trump himself was involved or aware of the collusion. Flynn's long history of involvement with the Russians suggests he might have at least some insight to share on this topic '-- which is what makes his offer enticing.

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However, we don't know that any collusion took place; FBI chief Jim Comey recently told a House panel that law enforcement hasn't yet found evidence of that. Even if there were improper contacts between Team Trump and Russia, it's not clear Flynn knew or was involved. Just as likely, if not more so, is that other Trump campaign associates with close ties to Russia, like former campaign manager Paul Manafort, ran point on any putative coordination with Russian intelligence '-- if any took place. Manafort has agreed to testify before Congress already, seemingly without any kind of immunity request. So while Flynn's past makes him a target of suspicion in this investigation, it's hardly enough to guarantee he has enough to persuade lawmakers or prosecutors to agree to spare him from court.

And the fact that Flynn's lawyer released such a high-profile statement, as we've discussed, militates against it. So while it might be tempting for Congress to take Flynn up on his offer, they're savvy enough to pick up on the signal that there isn't anything here.

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