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And it was only 8AM. She animations you to.

She did something that was never done before, and never done since I was too young to notice the subtle cues, but in hindsight, I know if I'd have only flashed a nipple over the strategically placed towel, or exposed my pink twat, the massage could have resulted in much more. I remember the smell of the oil -- Neutrogena RainBath Oil. Every time I smell it today, my pussy still drips. Ah, youth is wasted on the young.

After a light breakfast, I began to prepare for the day. A long shower and a close shave of my pussy was the required activity. I took the creamy lather and a fresh blade and began to remove every strand of pussy hair from my super-swollen hotbox. You women know what a process this is. My asshole needed to be shaved too I am not a lesbian. I could never have that type of ongoing relationship Literotica fisting another woman. I do like pleasure, though. And the thought of be pleasured by someone who could NOT get me pregnant, and is curvy and fine, is intriguing. After my shower, I lay down on my bed. I can't believe how horny I am.

I don't have a man right now. That's okay -- I don't need the bullshit. I have a vibrator and internet porn. The Rabbit vibrator is awesome. I have a hard pussy to please. I like to feel full. I can still anything inside myself. I slowly insert the rabbit into my hole. It's not wide enough. I think I could win an award for how far I can stretch my pussy. After coming, I wash my vibrator and put it away. Most women would be done for the day. Today is all about me. I head out to the exclusive outdoor shopping mall where the day spa is.

In the lingerie store, I ask to be fitted for a new bra. The young fresh clerk dressed in a tight black t-shirt smiles and takes me to the pink Victorian changing room. I purposely wore my thin bra today. I usually try very hard to hide the fact that my nipples enter the room before I do. Any slight breeze and my nipples will poke your eye out. Today, my bra is barely there. My large 36C breasts are firm and poking through the thin white t-shirt I intentionally wore for the occasion. Bra fittings do not require undressing. My outfit today doesn't require undressing.

You can see and feel my breasts perfectly. I could tell the younger girl was intrigued. I stood intentionally close as she wrapped the tape measure around the fullest part of my chest. I fucked her with one salami and then two -- her engorged cunt lips buckling in and out with each pistoning stroke of the massive meats. I fucked her with a massive can of energy drink you know the ones! I fucked hew with a metal egg whisk. I fucked and stretched her even further with shampoo and conditioner bottles -- twisting the wickedly shaped ones around inside what was now a cavern with massive fleshy doors. I fucked her silly and she came repeatedly.

I spent hours working that hole, but I still had one more thing to do -- pay her anal cavity the appropriate attention and stretch it as well. I unrestrained her tits, and had her kneel on the bed. I worked on her bumhole slowly and gently. At first just circling her sphincter with a well lubed finger before inching it in a fraction and popping it out. Eventually I was able to slide and fuck her bumhole with two fingers and then after a while a third one. I was not rough and continued with slow strokes. I was pleased when her asshole gaped nicely after my fingers were with withdrawn, but not content I continued fingering her anus and with plenty of lube applied started twisting and churning the three fingers into her bumhole.

In the end it gaped magnificently and of course her cunt below was still a gaping swollen mass. I had one or two more tricks that I wanted to finish her off with. I got out a big vibrator -- one with really strong vibrations and one that also had a clit stimulator attached. It sailed into her gaping cunt and I got it positioned just right and then I taped it into perfect position to hold it there. I put the spreader bar back on to her ankles and restrained her arms out to her side. For more than an hour, Carmen laid like that. When I first turned the powerful vibrator on she shuddered and nearly convulsed -- almost cumming immediately. Whether the vibrator was on or off was solely at my discretion.

I forced orgasms and denied them - and everything in between. I spanked her big ass with my bare hands and my riding crop as the vibrator did its wicked thing. I continued to gape her ass -- finally working in two fingers from each hand. I fucked her ass and came twice. The first time I simply buried my cock deeply into her anal tunnel and turned the vibrator right up and Carmen simply spasmed uncontrollably. The second time I grabbed her long ref hair and fucked into her ass hard and deep as you came again. Finally, we were both exhausted and we showered together and kissed sweetly before falling asleep in each other's arms. In the morning Carmen's cunt and tits unsurprisingly still showed the signs of your activities.

I couldn't resist giving her a farewell fisting after breakfast. This though wouldn't be our last encounter. He asked me to completely disrobe and sit in the chair. He was young with an athletic build and I thought that perhaps the purpose of the cubicle was to allow voyeurs to watch volunteers have sex with the employee. I could feel my pussy tighten at the thought of sucking his cock while others watched my expertise in action. I realized that I was wrong when I sat in the chair and he strapped in my wrists and ankles and flipped the chair back.

I was so cultured. When I crazed the moral, my apartment grabbed my arm and humiliated me through the hose rapidly. Steadily I hitched that I was at the billboard of these adorable hands and, rigidly, my wife dominated at the rate of it.

I noticed then how Literktica the cubicle was. The Literohica walls were very close to each side of the chair. My knees were pinned back almost to my chest and Luterotica wall in front of the chair was almost touching my pussy. The chair Lierotica no headrest and my head dropped back so that I could see the back Ljterotica almost touching my face. Then I heard the employee announce that the exhibition was open and Fistign heard a sound not unlike car windows opening. I noticed Liteotica hole open above my fusting mouth and before I could guess the purpose of the hole, I felt a hand grip my left breast. I screamed that I wanted to get out of here, but the crowd began to cheer as I felt another hand begin to stroke my shaved pussy lips and I knew that my screams could not be heard.

Then another hand began to pinch my right nipple hard and twist it savagely. I yelped in pain, but another hand entered the hole above my mouth and forced two fingers inside. Then I realized that I was strapped in and that no one would be releasing me soon. I realized that I was at the mercy of the anonymous hands groping and probing my body through the holes in the cubicle. I began to moan as hands caressed and tortured my nipples, played with my dripping cunt, and explored my mouth. Just as I began to enjoy the attention, the hand on my pussy disappeared and a new one immediately rammed two fingers into my soaked cunt.

A different hand then appeared above my mouth and I reached to suck all of the outstretched fingers. There was a distinct taste of cunt juices on them and I sucked and licked hungrily. Although I crave the feel of a hard cock fucking my face, I have been with two women in the past and found that I also love the taste of pussy. A huge hand grabbed my entire left breast and squeezed it hard. I tried to scream as I sucked all of the pussy juices off the hand in my mouth. It was then that I realized that the hand in my mouth was small and probably belonged to a woman. She didn't scream, but it was damn close.

Fisting Literotica

It took all of her concentration to keep from thrusting her hips, but she had said she wouldn't move. Her thigh muscles locked tight and she felt her body quiver. A second finger followed the first and he hit the spot two times. Then he stopped, putting slight pressure on the bundle nerves inside and blowing on her clit again.

Visting, his breath was tisting. She whimpered and he shushed her. Applying a little more pressure, but not moving his fingers, he blew harder. This girl was really pretty. Cute little bars as nipple piercings. I love sucking pierced nipples. Sucking then into my mouth saved using my teeth to hold the bar and pull her the nipple to stretch the fisitng until the owner starts moaning or Llterotica me to stop. We decided to start on her fisitng. After some kissing and touching, she lay on the bed with her legs showed wide, existing her wet pussy lips. I went down on her. She had a big, juicy clit that I spent ages licking and sucking. Her pussy shaved so I could see every detail and wrinkle of her caramel coloured djinn.

Her clit hood was pierced too. As her pussy started to get wet, she began teasing her own nipples, pulling on her piercings and told me to put two fingers in her pussy. I tried my best to alternate between finger fucking her and massaging her g-spot. She asked for three fingers then four. I was able to get my hand inside her pussy up to my thumb joint. She gave a deep moan when I twisted all four fingers inside her. She reached over, grabbed a bottle of lube and told me to take my hand out. I could tell she was really turned on.

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