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Financial help and benefits for single parents

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To claim, you'll have to apply through your local council. You Songle also be able to get a council tax reduction also called council tax support depending on where you live, your income, your dependants, savings and any benefits you already claim. Here's how to apply for a Council Tax Reduction. Getty All parents can claim Child Benefit. This is a state subsidy paid out if you're responsible for a child.

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This is paid out irrespective of savings and income. After this point it gets a little more complicated. You can still claim it, but you'll have to repay some back in the form of income tax. You can read more on this, here. To make a claim, you grante to fill out grrants claim form CH2. Yet there are over 3, charitable funds available which help people in different circumstances including single parents. The funds award one-off grants for educational and welfare purposes, as well as other forms of support to those who meet their eligibility criteria.

Turn2us has a free and easy-to-use Grants Search tool which provides access to all of these grants so you can find ones that best meet your situation. Other financial help Claiming certain welfare benefits may make you eligible to receive other help with the costs of raising a child. For example, if you claim one of the following: Claiming some of these benefits may also make you eligible for free school meals for your children.

Depending on your circumstances, you may also be able to receive help with school uniforms and free school travel Snigle your children. You can find further information about all of these benefits on the Turn2us website. There are also heating and housing benefits for cold weather, winter fuel payments and energy saving benefits to improve the efficiency of your home. These are available under certain circumstances at certain times. Health Benefits The Healthy Start benefit from the NHS provides weekly vouchers for milk, formula milk, vitamin supplements and even fresh or frozen vegetables for qualifying single parent families.

Tax Credits There are also other tax credits that you may be eligible for on top pwrent the above benefits as a single parent. Child Tax Hrants This tax credit is for parents with children under 16 years of age and depends on your personal situation such as income, disability or childcare expenses. Other elements could be added to these amounts depending on your situation as a single parent. This tax credit is paid weekly and you may be eligible for a higher amount if you are also disabled or are paying for childcare. The childcare must also be registered and approved to receive the credit.

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Charitable Grants Most single parents are not even aware of the over charitable grants available. These grants are often one-time payments to help in a variety of ways for single parent families to get through a particular hardship. It could include bill payments, help through cold weather utility payments, grants for educational courses and other welfare purposes. If you are a single parent struggling to make payments for housing and utilities, and to put food on the table, there are many ways you can probably increase your monthly benefits, tax credit or apply for a charitable grant.

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