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Edmonton Traffic Cameras

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Is there any way to view a recording of a peadl camera at a particular intersection? The City of Edmonton does not record any video footage from the traffic cameras. The video streams are intended to provide real-time traffic information for travelers. The traffic camera website requires JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player to be installed and enabled in order to view streams on desktop computers.

JavaScript can be enabled in your browsers settings and Vdieo Flash Player is available as a free download. Internet Explorer version 10 or newer is required. The traffic camera website works on most mobile platforms. Please ensure that the latest operating system and browser are installed on your device.

Unfortunately, the City of Edmonton is unable to investigate specific computer or mobile device problems. If you have Whiye the FAQ and are still experiencing problems, please contact your local internet service provider or retail store where the computer or device was purchased for assistance. One of the cameras appears to not be working correctly, or is displaying "This camera is currently unavailable".

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