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Since only one person can speak on a channel at a time, abbreviations and codes are used to keep transmissions brief.

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For example, "Roger" is generally used to mean "understood. This usually comes in the form of thinking "Roger" is a name, or mistaking "over" as being part of the sentence. In other cases, a character insists on using outrageous code names and raises a fuss when the other characters don't cooperate. Contrast Hollywood CBwhere walkie talkies work like telephones and no special protocol is used. To make matters worse, the Captain's first name is Clarence, which sounds similar to "clearance". At the same time, navigator Victor is looking for the proper vector. In "Treehouse of Horror V", Marge tries to call the police on a two-way radio when Homer goes insane.

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You gotta finish your sentence. My sentence is over. The Soviet manufacturer or designation — which may be mistakenly inferred by NATO — has nothing to do with it. Jet-powered aircraft received two-syllable names like Foxbatwhile propeller aircraft were designated with short names like Bull. Fighter names began with an "F", bombers with a "B", cargo aircraft with a "C". Training aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft were grouped under the word "miscellaneous", and received "M". The same convention applies to missiles, with air-launched ground attack missiles beginning with the letter "K" and surface-to-surface missiles ranging from intercontinental ballistic missiles to antitank rockets with the letter "S", air-to-air missiles "A", and surface-to-air missiles "G".

Military operations since Churchill[ edit ] Throughout the Second World War, the British allocation practice favored one-word code names JubileeFrankton. That of the Americans favored longer compound words, although the name Overlord was personally chosen by Winston Churchill himself. Many examples of both types can be cited, as can exceptions. Winston Churchill was particular about the quality of code names. He insisted that code words, especially Funny code names for walkie talkies dangerous operations, would be not overly grand nor petty nor common. One emotional goal he mentions is to never have to report to anyone that their son "was killed in an operation called 'Bunnyhug' or 'Ballyhoo'.

British operation code names are usually randomly generated by a computer and rarely reveal its components or any political implications unlike the American names e. Americans prefer two-word names, whereas the Canadians and Australians use either. The CIA uses alphabetical prefixes to designate the part of the agency supporting an operation. In many cases with the United States, the first word of the name has to do with the intent of the program. Programs with "have" as the first word, such as Have Blue for the stealth fighter development, are developmental programs, not meant to produce a production aircraft.

Programs that start with Senior, such as Senior Trend for the F, are for aircraft in testing meant to enter production. This is not done in other countries, though for the UK in British documents the code name is in upper case while operation is shortened to OP e. This presents an opportunity for a bit of public-relations Operation Just Causeor for controversy over the naming choice Operation Infinite Justice, renamed Operation Enduring Freedom. Computers are now used to aid in the selection. And further, there is a distinction between the secret names during former wars and the published names of recent ones. Project code name[ edit ] A project code name is a code name usually a single word, short phrase or acronym which is given to a project being developed by industryacademiagovernmentand other concerns.

Project code names are typically used for several reasons: To uniquely identify the project within the organization. To assist with maintaining secrecy of the project against rival concerns. Some corporations routinely change project names in order to further confuse competitors. When the goal of the project is to develop one or more commercial products, use of a code name allows the eventual choice of product nomenclature the name the product s are marketed and sold under to be decoupled from the development effort. This is especially important when one project generates multiple products, or multiple projects are needed to produce a single product.

This allows for subprojects to be given a separate identity from the main project. To decouple an early phase of a development effort which may have failed from a subsequent phase which may be given a "fresh start" as a political tool.

To prevent casual observers from concluding that a pre-release version is a new release of taklies product, thus helping reduce confusion. Different organizations have different policies regarding the use and publication of project code names. Some companies take great pains to never discuss or disclose project code names outside of the company other than with outside entities who have a need to know, and typically are bound with a non-disclosure agreement.

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