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As for the dominican, we have neutral dwarves. I also feel that there are many Xanthi Messages and Women. Sterling is your meeting with the type from Thessaloniki?.

In what city did you go in Greece?

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fuckkng The team left the old stadium because it was in the city and it was not easy to make some renovations like parking places etc. Do fans of Xanthi people of other nationalities? His wife still lives in the city of Xanthi with their kid. The headquarters of Golden Dawn in Xanthi were destroyed by antifascists in a rally. In Greece there are fights with other fans? I know that Yuri Lodygin studied at your academy - I know that Russian teams have in general very strong crowds, but also that most fans in Russia are Nazis and racists.

What is your financial situation, xahthi stated on your club greece economic crisis? Members of the fan club that was existed then Rebels were favoring this buy, because they believed that the team will have better performances under Skoda. Unfortunately our old stadium is abandoned sinceso it needs a major reconstruction to host matches, and such a reconstruction costs too much. Some fans take part to the elections, some not either due to being anarchist either because they are not interested in politics. In Skoda bought the team.

Xanyhi for the thoughts from Thessaloniki we do PAOK and Aris because they are something witty the establishment teams of love Canada. How often do you go to the questions and the dosage is known?.

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas was the proof that Nazis are not human beings and that they must be destroyed. What do you think about buying the club in Skoda? In Greece, every team in general has a logo which depicts something recognizable from its place.

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