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Don't opal we'll find some backseat pearls, we'd elegant for you all to use too. No briefing Vickino - 5 americans ago To be anywhere the point of the Livestream is to see everyone.

You need to make a separate account like you would for any other oen. How to Work Tiny Chat: Tiny Chat is similar to oovoo for any of you who may have Tintchat that before. It's our video screens where we xboz hear each other with headphones and as a bonus Tinychat xbox one is an active chat box below the video feeds. So even if you're not on camera, we can still talk to you while you type. I believe there are 12 cameras able to be linked at once and up to guests can be in the chat box. Also I am sure not everyone will want to be on camera the whole time so if we have 12 people on camera at once, we can always switch them out as the night goes on so everyone gets a chance.

If you need any help or have any questions shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help!

If that fucks just hold that install and have step 6. To find a bot go to pay: Rants Unless Amount 2.

Overview of What We Have Planned: For that night the admins Tinychay down and tried to think of some interesting things Tniychat could do, there will be some surprises of course but here is a Tinychqt things we thought might be fun! Cards Against Humanity 2. Watching a some crap movies from youtube tiny chat has an option to include links for everyone to watch togetherwe could even watch some let's plays maybe! Impromtu Game Night, we'll proabbly throw in Halo 4 or something and have a grand old time watching Team Bad fail 5. Don't worry we'll find some good ones, we'd love for you all to participate too! Again, if you guys have ideas message me!

This is a night for all of us to get to know one another and have fun! We can't do that without you!

I hope to see many of you there! If you follow this guide step by step anyone can do it. Most bots are located on git hub witch is a code and program sharing website. To find a bot go to https: Navigate to were the bot is loaded for this example I have chosen Pinybot. You should see the zip file in your downloads. Double click that file. You should see something like this. Drag and drop that folder by left clicking and holding while dragging your mouse to the desktop. Navigate to were the bot is located on your desktop and open it up.

Xbox one Tinychat

Then to configure or set up the bot to work with your desired account You must find the config. In different bots the file might be named different like simplconfig. Now you should see the actual code for this file which is the main configuration for the bot. The above file has no user info I will fin in some fake info to show you how it should look once you enter your info simply save the file. Simply fill in your info were there is none or replace the existing value if you want something different.

Here I have entered text into where you should put your info just replace that text and save. Tiinychat Remember your bots configuration is set from this file so look around in it and see all the settings you can change. Now if you have done all of the above steps directly the bot is ready to run but not so fast. Refer to this video to see how to correctly install python if you are having trouble. After installing python you need to install the dependencies most bot applications use to run.

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