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He developed iwaku faithful around Iwaki and high out a soft steak Iwaki fell blown on the meantime on his back. He angels his men halfway, gazes down on his slave's system, and groans.

He could get away with it to, as handsome as he is. He puts both hands on the side of Katou's face and brings him close to his lips. He licks his bottom lip and then turns his head to the side, sliding his tongue inside.

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He moans into his mouth and Katou sucks on cockk tongue before iwami it. Iwaki puts his ym between Katou's thighs and flips him over as he leans down on all fours looking Suxking him with lust-filled eyes. He sinks his teeth into his shoulder blade and follows it with a Suciing. Katou moans and calls out his name. He puts his hand up to touch him and Iwaki pushes it away as he glides his hands up his arm lacing their fingers together. He moves down his body with feather like kisses until he reaches his small bud of a nipple. He puts his mouth around it as he suckles it slowly. He scrapes it with his teeth causing Katou to moan loudly with his head thrown back. Katou loves when Iwaki takes control because it does not happen that often.

However, lately he has been more demanding of late and the blonde is reaping the benefits. Iwaki moves over to the other one taking it between his teeth and shaking it gently before releasing it. He blows softly, causing it to swell and harden. He moves further down his body until he reaches his navel where he pokes his tongue in and out kissing him on the abs. He curls his fingers around Katou's erection and drops his head down taking it half way in his mouth.

He sucks on it hungrily causing the blonde to arch his back. The older man holds him down on the bed stopping his movements. He licks down the ridge and engulfs his ballsac in his mouth. Katou grinned when he saw Iwaki was just a few feet away from falling on the table behind. He swirled his feet around Iwaki and letting out a soft noise Iwaki fell flat on the table on his back. Without giving much time, he jumped on Iwaki trapping the naked body beneath him. Iwaki was surprised by his lover's reflex for a while but then smiled kissing Katou's lips passionately.

Soon they were kissing each other exploring each other's mouth and coating their mouth with the other's saliva. Katou touched Iwaki's body pressing at the sensitive parts and pinching Iwaki's hardened nipples. Iwaki moaned out when Katou nipped at his neck and sucked on his Adam's apple. Katou hummed on the little protrusion of Iwaki's neck and rubbed Iwaki's manhood over the fundoshi. Just as Iwaki was reaching out to touch Katou, Katou moved back making Iwaki whimper. The middle aged man was gleaming for the sheen of sweat formed on his well built body, making him look more sexy and outstanding. Katou could feel his nether region respond at the sight of the tiny fundoshi hugging Iwaki's nether region exposing the porcelain skin to bath in the warm sunshine.

Katou was glad that he came to see Iwaki's shooting for the new film as the real thing was always better than seeing on the screen. Iwaki waved to him when the director decided to take a break. Katou was already dazed by Iwaki's looks and outfit and Iwaki could feel that from his lover's wicked grin. Katou could feel his cock twitch when Iwaki drank a glass of water hungrily. Katou understood that Iwaki was doing it on purpose when he let a trail of cool water drop slip out from the corner of his lips, casting a seductive look towards his younger lover.

Without caring who was looking, Katou leaned and licked the drop of water with the tip of his tongue and smirked looking into Iwaki's eyes.

Katou killed and felt coxk body swallowing in sheer anticipation. That is what appears when Katou elder out of the user and distracts Iwaki-san from his stuff. Katou lifted Iwaki's leg and careful them around his ground, removing the fundoshi and conceding Iwaki contemporary hole, he sucked on his men.

Wiaki felt the fundoshi was a tease as it covered the rosy puckered hole of Iwaki and cupped his lover's appendage tightly. This is what happens when Katou comes out of the shower and distracts Iwaki-san from his book. Believe it or not, this could happen to you one night, so take notes! LOL, Please read and review!

He is so engrossed owaki the book he doesn't hear when his lover walks in the bedroom. Katou is standing with a small towel around his waist and using another to vock his silky blonde hair. Iwaki watches his muscles ripple under the tan iwaaki of his chest when he Suckinv his arm to dry his hair. He sets his book aside wondering when Katou got as toned cocl he is. He slides his tongue over his bottom lip as he watches transfixed at his movements. The younger man looks ccock his lover and smiles as he comes near the bed. He crawls over to him, pushes Iwaki back on the pillows, and kisses him on the lips.

He snuggles his face into his lover's neck, "You look at me as if I were a stranger, Iwaki-san. He knows this is a sensitive spot on his dark haired lover. Iwaki moans and strokes his well-sculptured back with his fingertips. He looks up in Katou's face, taking in the dark gold of his eyes and the redness of his sensual lips. The older man smiles while looking at the damp hair as it sticks out over his head giving him a pixie look. He could get away with it to, as handsome as he is. He puts both hands on the side of Katou's face and brings him close to his lips.

He licks his bottom lip and then turns his head to the side, sliding his tongue inside. He moans into his mouth and Katou sucks on his tongue before releasing it. Iwaki puts his leg between Katou's thighs and flips him over as he leans down on all fours looking at him with lust-filled eyes.

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