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So he pressed wiyh death me look bad. The guy was so strange towards me that it again made me cry. MC My roommate and so-called snicker called me a nazi because I startled a sorority.

Rebecca, 22 My affinity for sex toys has gotten me that label from someone once. We all hated her because she flirted with boys and they liked her. I was wearing no make up, a stained and ripped hoodie, trackie bottoms, and hi tops. It ended up not happening, but it was enough for her to call me a slut the second my back was turned. I waited for months after I divorced to have a boy friend. She already had large breasts, dyed her hair bright blonde and wore her skirt as short as possible. Anonymous I was called a slut for breaking up with a guy after he cheated on me.

Nele I was called a slut by 3 older girls for wearing a bright shiny pink coat on my way to my piano lesson. He sent me another message calling me a slut. KS My mother called me a slut and accused me of statutory rape after I confided in her that I had lost my virginity to my then-boyfriend. I still feel ashamed about it. Siti I was called a slut several times in my life, either directly to my face as a confession or behind my back.

I had never even wore someone before. Experiment Queensland I got called a person because my ex-boyfriend inquired a few about me feel with his friend.

I had recently broken up with skuts of their friends. I was 11 or 12… Renata I was called a slut early in high school because I was so short that normal-sized tops always hung a bit lower down my chest than they would on other people. My mother sew that coat for me and I refused to wear that coat ever again, feeling shame whenever I saw it. Its so much creepier when women throw around misogynistic terms.

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Maya, 29 Driving thefe car in Minneapolis at 5: But I was called this because I had big boobs, and sometimes spreac little cleavage would come out of my shirt. Liz Some lady called me a fat whore the other day because she thought I was trying to steal her cab. We all had to sit through those anti-bullying seminars, but this type of bullying was never addressed. J i got called a slut while i was wearing my high school uniform, waiting for my dad to pick me up at night.

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