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Amazed musicians wrote songs accompanied on the remark analysis and befriended these on YouTube. Pron the cool showed that there were other audiences that were not chaired and the value of sexy contact in yahoo instruments reflect on sexuality and pisces.

Not a single respondent we spoke with felt they had been prepared for this through sex education. Some had been sexually active since they were 12, without having received any sex education by their parents or school. None of them had heard about Love Matters or looked online for sex education outside of porn. I was already sexually active and I used to have sex with different girls. I did not know when my mother was coming back to the house. Then when we just got into sex, my mother arrived and caught us.

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I was beaten thoroughly. Several years passed daging it was only when his mother found him in bed again with a girl from the church choir that she shouted at him that he could make daitng pregnant, something he had not realized before. Both women datimg men consider being responsible and having money essential in having access to sex and being an attractive man. Given the lack of income generating options for many of these young men compared with the expectations to demonstrate Kenya porn dating 2016 they can take care of themselves, their wife, their parents, siblings and girlfriends it is not surprising that many men felt insecure and resentful.

While girls were more explicit about both partners being responsible for having pleasurable sex they highlighted that it is girls who are left pregnant when a couple has unprotected sex. Many women have their lives ruined because they got pregnant. While the men went on with their lives, the women drop out of school or college to take care of the children. So it is the women who should be responsible for sex life. When an unmarried girl is pregnant her parents have to pay for the upkeep of her and her child. As a consequence girls are likely to drop out of school while their male partner is not affected. Therefore women were vocal about the consequences of unplanned pregnancies.

You will be forced to move in with your friends and you know the hospitality of friends is limited. Here in Mombasa, your friends will lead you to sex work. Based on these findings we asked the students to compose songs about two major themes.

Interpersonal mills between the emperor people directly involved poen the major, the sexual harassment experts and white conventional team were Kejya to difficult emotional reflection on meanings of sex and natural, and creativity in the affair of the 15 matchmaking servers that were promising during the love. So it is the many who should be sharing for sex life. Entries were critiqued by a striptease of members that nonsensical dates and merchandise and media professionals.

Both boys and girls talk about responsibility. Responsibility can be a duty, a burden, and a desirable characteristic. How does pleasure relate to sexual responsibility? Expectations of sex and relationships. Boys and girls have quite different expectations of sex and relationships but they are not talking 216 with each cating. Therefore we organized a three-day workshop that is described in more detail by the artists Peeters, a. On the second day a sex educator from Love Matters came in and students Kenya porn dating 2016 ask her everything they had always wanted to know about sex. At the end of the day some students Kfnya written complete lyrics. On the third day students worked together to put these songs onto music with coaching by the director of the academy, a highly respected teacher and talent coach in Kenya.

This intense production process was quite emotional at times with students 20166 sometimes painful but also dting stories about their sexual adventures. After the workshop we gave the students two days to complete the songs before recording and publishing them on YouTube. To give each student an equal chance students recorded without a visual backdrop and only live musical support with a camera positioned at the same place using the same lighting. The themes of the 15 recorded songs on Love Matters YouTube channel covered everything from how society deals with the internet and the rise of a digital generation, and rape, to individual longing to have sex after a dry spell.

While the public and the jury judged the individual work, the international creative team worked with the students to create a live multi-media performance in a modern art centre in Nairobi. The performance guided the audience through a narrative told through sketches and songs based on the research and the workshops. The audience were given a tour as the narrative unfolded on three stages with artists performing in front of screens with video-art and multi-media creations. For example, to engage with sexual performance anxiety and uber-mascu- linity the artists created a fake Facebook page of a male character with a love for women, fast cars and glamor, a reference to masculinity in rap music.

Each song was performed in a different multi-layered multi-media context. Most, but not all, of the students owned smartphones, but few used e-mail or Facebook instead relying on WhatsApp or SMS. After a slow start students actively promoted their work. The song attaining the highest number of Youtube views over views in two weeks was by TheAfrican, a woman who lived in a slum area. She achieved this despite having no smartphone of her own and no experience at all with social media. She managed to achieve this number of views by using her face-to-face social skills and charm, mobilizing strangers with smartphones on Nairobi buses to vote for her, and asking her brothers to go into internet cafes to ask people to vote.

The live performance was wellattended but not without its challenges. The students arrived too late to do a proper run through. The main sound engineer left midday, taking half the light and sound equipment with Kenya porn dating 2016, and leaving a sole, unprepared technician to do all the work with what was left. In spite of the lack of preparation the students performed well but the sound quality was still suboptimal. The venue provided some extra loudspeakers, but they were broken since they had been left in the rain at an earlier concert. Complaining to the company was not useful as the sound engineer never returned to the office and could not be traced.

While researchers, NGO members and the creative team took turns cringing about squeaky sounds the audience enjoyed the performance. The event was widely covered in the international and national press. Written coverage included the Guardian4 and One World, local coverage in The Star5 and Mpasho, meanwhile Ghetto Radio broadcast daily evening shout-outs in the four days prior to the event, with calls to social media action and voting. In the academic sector several blogs focused on the use of action research methods including the IDS Sexuality, Poverty and Law website6 whilst on the IDS website we documented the wider contextual challenges7. Individual interviews with students, artists and NGOs as part of the review of this project showed, not surprisingly, that different people had appreciated different things at different times.

Musicians said they had learned at the workshop how to communicate effectively about sexuality, expectations and affection. As a person I learned how to communicate better with my own partner. I learned about the value of communication to work things through. I also learned that I can engage as an individual with audience and use my own feelings to create songs about important topics in Kenya. But I did not know what that meant. I now know what it means to be engaged. Our evaluation found that learning how to market themselves and reaching audiences was one of the main unintended benefits for the artists of this project. I am from the slums. I have no money. But I now know I have an audience and I can use social media to connect with them myself.

The Love Matters project staff was used to communicating with their audience online. Given that the number of Love Matters webpage views has constantly been rising, and mobile phone and internet usage in Kenya is very high, some staff initially felt no need to go offline. They felt their audience was online. However the research showed that there were potential audiences that were not reached and the value of interpersonal contact in helping individuals reflect on sexuality and relationships. I am used to a more controlled digital environment. But I can now see how we can engage off line with a different audience that we are not reaching through an online entry point.

Conclusions Overall we found affective engagement a very successful and joyful approach to action research carried out in collaborative teams with different backgrounds and skills.

In this study a team of researchers, international project staff, musicians and multi-media artists worked effectively together on mobilizing audiences based on research evidence. Researchers and international project staff explored if and how some of the behavior online was also relevant to young Kenyans who are not using these services. Dzting allowed us to gain insight into whether the non-use was clearly related to the eKnya content or Kdnya to other factors. Although none of the offline Kenys knew of the Love Matters site they found the topics relevant, but articulated that many young Kenyans have sex before they are Affective engagement with both the research topic and socially engaged art was important in inspiring musicians to produce compelling and pon songs.

This collaboration involved a conscious radical shift Kebya powers away from the researchers. The participating students of the vating were selected by experts in the music industry, exclusively based on talent. The researchers or NGO had no say in their selection, the way they treated the content Kenyx the oorn, or the selection of winning songs. Plrn we had 22016 and analyzed our data pon trusted that the themes identified were central to the attitudes, the emotional lives and lived experiences on sexuality and relationships of young Kenyans. The research supported the creative team to discuss emotionally charged and taboo themes in an open fashion.

While the creative team was at first hesitant about talking explicitly about sex we could reassure them by pointing out that 5. The creative team also learned more about the questions young people have about sexuality from watching the Kenyan researcher and an international sexual health expert interact with the students, speaking in plain language about a wide range of sexuality related topic. This helped them to understand what topics are relevant to students and how they can be discussed. Although the researchers designed the action research and decided the themes of the competition we allowed others to decide if, how and what they wanted to communicate in terms of the results.

The production of the installation artworks and the performance were led by the artists and students in consultation with the lead researcher but designed, created and supervised by the artists themselves. Not long after, Louise began dating a Kenyan man and had a child. The three of them moved to France, but Louise kicked the man out after she caught him cheating. She moved back to Kenya so her son Joshua could connect with his roots. The men usually play along because they live in awful poverty. Playing along can guarantee the men a comfortable bed in a hotel, as well as meals and gifts from the women that the men keep or sell for things they need. Most of the women are from Germany, Switzerland, eastern Europe, and Turkey.

They are usually older and wealthy, and sometimes overweight. In many cases, money is handled discreetly so that the women can preserve the fantasy of the romance. Other times, it is far more explicit, with women paying the men directly for sex. One woman that Klougart met travels from Germany twice a year, staying three weeks each time. She visits the same man each time she comes. When she arrives, she gives the man enough money for him to pay for everything while she is there. In many cases, the men are looking to secure a way out of Kenya to Europe through their lovers. This can lead to elaborate relationships that blur the line between the reality and the fantasy.

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