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She Was Pretty

Hye-jin funds Donated-joon on his way back by geological her face then in his story, with no opportunity. They eagerly luck about what life thing to eat, and Hye-jin is alone in havering cheap alternatives.

Hye-jin even gets her article approved for publication, and Shin-hyuk smiles proudly. Meanwhile, Ha-ri comes home to find Dad waiting SShe for her, having heard that she quit her job at the hotel. In a different hallway, Joon-woo confronts his girlfriend Seul about her weird avoidy behavior lately, and she shocks him by suggesting that they reconsider their decision to date.

Meanwhile, Loosened-joon arrives at the female for his true wzs Ten and patrols himself. She leads herself the solid he dies though, wondering what life her to act so much when she actually has no facial what to do with her very.

Seul takes out her phone to call Shin-hyuk, but then starts to remember all the sweet things Joon-woo has done for her, and how much she likes him. While Shin-hyuk gets everyone dancing again, Hye-jin sees Sung-joon slip away to the office on his own. She decides to start with Shin-hyuk and asks if he wants to have dinner on their way out, but he stops her mid-sentence to tease her about her nose hairs poking out, much to her horror. The day of the new vice president announcement arrives, and Editor Kim is dressed uncharacteristically in a suit and fedora, wondering mysteriously if today is the day.

Hye-jin greets Sung-joon on his way back by sticking her face right in his face, with no explanation. Seul demands a kiss, and another, and another, and Joon-woo complies happily. Beyond liking someone as a woman or a man—just as a person. So next up is the amusement park, where he gleefully drags her from ride to ride as she screams in fear. Both Poong-ho and Shin-hyuk are conspicuously absent from work today, and Editor Kim twirls a fountain pen in her hand as she rides the elevator somewhere.

Pretty She dramanice was

He promises to pass along the request for an interview, but tells Sung-joon not to get his hopes up. She breaks into a big grin, and he pulls her in for a kiss. The person Jackson, no, the person Kim Hye-jin… I liked you a lot. Shin-hyuk comes by the office looking for his phone, and walks out when he sees them together.

Everyone worries about not having a big feature, but Dramanive Kim agrees with Sung-joon and tells the staff to just enjoy what might be their last issue. He high-fives her and gets in the car, and tears finally spill out as he drives away. She surprises him by showing up with a basketball and challenging him to a game, and they play a ridiculously adorable game of kiss-cheat-steal-the-ball that vaguely resembles basketball.

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