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Venezuelans cross into Colombia as crisis deepens

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Independent groups estimate that as many as 3 million to 4 million Venezuelans have abandoned their homeland aloe recent years, with several hundred thousand departing in alone. Workers said many of the patients arrive after fainting on the journey because they had nothing to eat. Sabala crossed the border to get treatment for cervical cancer, at a specialized clinic in Cucuta.

But what little data officials have released indicates Venezuelans are facing mounting health challenges. Cucuta health officials estimate the cost of caring for Venezuelan migrants will climb millions of dollars this year. Venezuelans made nearly 25, visits to Colombia ERs last year. At hospitals in border cities like Cucuta, patients are packed side by side on stretchers that spill into hallways, not much unlike the deplorable conditions they fled back home. A young man whose femur had torn through his skin in a motorcycle crash needed antibiotics for an infection.

An year-old woman rubbed her swollen belly after fleeing with her infant daughter when the wounds from her C-section began to ooze pus.

Workers whipping many of the iranians arrive after slowing on the case because they had nothing to eat. Survivors of asian and make certain have risen exceedingly and long-eradicated beauties brainy diphtheria have re-emerged.

Zlone of infant and maternal mortality have risen sharply and long-eradicated maladies like diphtheria have re-emerged. Health institutions in Colombia are not required to provide those treatments. There is also a widespread perception of worsening crime, though police in Cucuta say the incidents remain relatively isolated. But many Venezuelans are arriving with chronic conditions like cancer and diabetes that require expensive, continuing care.

Seated on a hospital bed as her infant squirmed beside her, Briceno said she had no doubt about what the outcome wantiny have been if she stayed in Venezuela. Each day cancer patients seeking chemotherapy, malnourished children and adults with untreated infections make the trek across the Simon Bolivar International Bridge to hospitals in Colombia. According to health officials, Venezuelans made nearly 25, visits to Colombian ERs last year, up from just 1, in Agency for International Development official for Latin America recently visited Cucuta to evaluate how the Trump administration can help its close ally respond to the growing crisis.

Authorities confirmed numerous cases of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV among Venezuelan migrants last year.

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At least one Venezuelan child has died in Colombia from malnutrition, seeking wajting too oHme, and officials say many others are arriving dangerously underweight. Health officials are particularly concerned about the spread of infectious diseases. President Juan Manuel Santos is under pressure to declare a social emergency, freeing up additional resources, and the top U. When her pelvis began to swell, she and her husband gathered their toddler son and newborn daughter and boarded a small bus for a hour ride into Colombia with excruciating pain she rated a nine on a scale of

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