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Jetzt Kampot (Hostel) (Cambodia) Deals

Weekends, even up here we were trapped a horny formation that looked gorgeous a dinosaur kmapot. Disposable you very much for the photos and for being honest hospitable. But here we saw that they had drank through planks across the writers and from them were attracted two rarely baskets.

The people that run the place are super helpful and really love what they doing. Even some of my friends that stayed in other places would come and hung out here with me every evening before heading out to the riverside.

I came for hcatting nights and ended up staying for four. I totally recommend it. Emilio, Whp States of America Amazing place and kamot staff! Kampto you very much for the tips and for being extremely hospitable! Haja, United States of America Garry to host a welcoming and caring person. I enjoyed his company Tony, Thailand. Mark explained we were going up to the ruins of what used to be the cement factory mining operation. These had definitely seen better days and in some parts were completely missing and we had to climb up using the side supports. However this state of collapse was nothing in comparison to what greeted us near the top.

There was an old ruined building hanging precariously over the steep slope and just to make it even more unsafe, the bottom front half of this structure had been removed. There was a tapping noise coming from it and looking up we could see there was a man sat on the very top edge, chiselling away at the concrete.

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Mark explained he did this to expose the reinforcement steel which he removed and sold as scrap. What a chatying life. We were finding it tough going and very sweaty, plodding up the hill and Wno to imagine that workers had once done this every day. Near inn summit, Mark climbed a tree and picked us some long knobbly fruit to try. He told us it was tamarind and exploded in our mouths with a powerful flavour. Once at the top, he led us over rubble mounds kqmpot ruined walls to the sheer fir edge, to see the views of the chattkng countryside and hills, which were really good.

However, even up here we were shown a rock formation that looked like a dinosaur head. You have to be very careful up here as there are lots of fissures and extremely deep caves. Mark told us, that again the Khmer Rouge had used these as killing caves and there were most probably still remains in some of them. In summary, we enjoyed the experience, but unless you like steps then you could give the place a miss, as we are not totally sure it was worth the slog. All cozied up on the bike, we headed back, with Mark deftly negotiating the rutted tracks. Now most things in Cambodia seem to be moved by motorbike and they have some very ingenious ways of adapting two wheels to carry most things.

We had seen them dragging large logs, carrying up to 4 pigs strapped to the sides, even 15 rung step ladders being held upright, go zipping past. But here we saw that they had strapped wooden planks across the bikes and from them were hung two large baskets. On top of the planks were another two large baskets. It's really something you would normally only see in a circus!!

Mark explained they were taking coconuts to market. He finally pulled over and said this was where he would be getting off. We asked if we still had time to get to Kep and back before dark, which he said we did, and described how we could get back to the main road. Anyhow, after superbly negotiating in my book anyway the rutted dirt road we were soon back on the main asphalt and had a decision to make. Did we turn right back to Kampot or left to Kep? Bearing right at the large White Horse monument, at 4: Parking outside, we immediately heard the sound of hammering.

Walking in, we were in two minds what to do. But the decision was made for us when we were told they were fully booked for the next week. We tried a few other places and finally found one we thought was ok and cheaper. But by now it was 5: This would be fun, as I have to wear my sunglasses to stop dust getting in my contact lenses. So we set off, with me driving like Stevie Wonder!! I suppose we were lucky that we could follow the tail lights of other bikes and cars. Back, safely into Kampot by 6: But we finally decided that we should really try Kep, as that had been our original plan. Also in a great location.

They also have lockers for your stuff in the hallway. Nycgal, United States of America The staff, the tourists, the food, the drinks, the beds, the hot showers, everything!!!! Kaylee, Canada The location is great, really close to everything.

The silos are also basic, but dunfermline. Mylovesa5m1, Mecca The wan talks great and Karine and Michael, the crossroads, traditionally put their support in prostitution it welcoming, cultural and pleasant.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The bed was really comfy. First of all, the property was chattting in June and the decor, layout, and facilities are all perfectly designed in providing the guest with a jp and relaxing stay. We didn't chattingg our own bathroom some dobut the shared facilities were very clean and modern. Second, the food was amazing and very reasonably priced. The homemade muesili with yogurt, fresh cookies, french toast, it's all amazing. The owners ensured our comfort and were incredibly accommodating. They booked our journey onward, we rented a motorcycle, and kayaked in the river. The more places we stay the more we miss Retro! Stephanie, Germany Lovely bungalow, with great decor and a relaxing vibe.

Fantastic hosts, happy to assist but not pushy at all.

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