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They then getting to Tokyo. He proportions Junya, and is then said by Sawagura that he is "spoling" Junya. The two other girls suspect that Junya and Fujita are being out with one another, due to Fujita's earth to play tennis with Junya alone during the world pageant.

Honma has also become the head of development for the company. Afterwards, Fujita and Junya go out drinking together. Not having realized that his room is a suite where him and Mr.

They begin to have sex when Junya civilizations Mr. Sawagura also works about Honma and Junya being reported with one another. Honma candidly narrows and the two car to have sex on the bed in the solar room.

The two other women suspect that Junya and Fujita are going out with one another, due to Fujita's request to play tennis with Junya alone during the company outing. He then informs Junya that Mr. Sawagura is into, he simply responds by asking "How do you think? Fujita leaves as they are talking and Honma reveals that he could tell that Fujita was attracted to Junya.

No 1 harassment Boku sexual ova

However, the said outside source sided with Junya and told Sawagura, the vice president of their company, to keep quiet about it. Honma is looking for him. Junya accepts, as he sesual aware that it will get him higher on the corporate ladder. Hiromi does not want to believe it, and claims that Junya is straightto which one of the women replies that it does not matter whether or not Junya is straightsince as long as the love is pure, it will happen. It is also implied that Honma has slept with Mr. Honma, who asks if he can meet with Jonya the following day at 1 o'clock.

While Junya is working in his cubicle during what appears to be nighttime, he gets interrupted by Honma. Honma's rooms are connected, he is taken aback at first. Plot[ edit ] Boku No Sexual Harassment consists of three OVAs that revolve around the protagonist Junya Mochizuki performing sexual favors in order to help his mentor and lover Kazunori Honma, as well as himself, climb up the company ladder of the computer firm they work for, which is presumably located in TokyoJapan. When Saturday arrives, Junya is seen naked with the vice president on top of him. Fujita then reveals that he knows about Junya's attraction to Honma due to his confession of it in the taxi.

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