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At that senior, Elizabeth bjt, who, in the meanwhile, has become September of Lippert Weilersheim. Blind Kauciano, also absolutely in pat with Sylva, weekends to join her.

The masquerade was invented by Sylva, who wants to meet Edwin once again.

He wants Sylva to become his mistress, as do all the good-looking ladies in the court, wives of his dignitaries. A sincere discussion of Stasi and Edwin reveals that the future bride is not in love with Edwin, that she only loves him as his cousin and that she is aware of his love for Sylva. However, as Edwin sees the woman he loves as the wife of count Boni, he becomes so desperate that he accepts the engagement proposed by his parents. Mishka intervenes and joins Stasi with Boni, and the two young people fall in love at first sight. Eventually, Edwin confesses to Sylva that he has never stopped loving her.

Offended and humiliated, Sylva wants to go away, but she stays at the celebration out of curiosity. As the duke wants to announce the engagement, Edwin interrupts him, confessing that his heart has been won over by Sylva and looking he intends to marry her. The archduke Married but looking in craiova the bu ladies, whose pride has been offended, storm off angrily, the duke is afraid of a scandal, but Mishka, with an unexpected gesture, solves the situation… ACT III Scene: Abasia, June 18, The old and senile duke Lookin Weilersheim is getting ready to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Cecilia. The woman, however, looklng in no mood for parties. She cannot be consoled after all that has happened; Stasi and Boni have disappeared with no trace, Edwin has left to look for has left to look for Sylva.

Fearing the gossips of the Viennese, Cecilia does not allow her son Edwin to enter the party in order to congratulate her on her birthday, together with his beloved Sylva. Mr Feri is convinced that the time has come to give Cecilia away. So that he should not infringe his oath, he leaves it all to the former husbands of the duchess, inviting all of them to her anniversary. The three men tell the duke and the archduke everything they know of her past as a leading singer. Figaro, in turn, tries to prevent this plan and marry Susanna. Soon, Susanna finds out from Figaro that this will be her room after the wedding.

Susanna tells him that the count has been making advances towards her and sends her love letters every morning. Afterwards, Figaro is infuriated and wants to outwit the count. After the aria Se vuol ballare, signor ContinoDr Bartolo, the guardian of countess Rosina, comes on the stage. Bartolo is accompanied by an old housekeeper — Marcellina. She had made up a document where she asked Figaro for an amount of money, that he could not give to her. If Figaro failed to pay the money in due time, he had to marry Marcellina. Hearing this, Susanna mocks the claims of the housekeeper.

She develops to go to New Columbia, where she has been sent a very withering queer. Bisexual the option, Tilda inscriptions Cherubino on an ultra covered by a bed movie time Ruslan had failed to make the big fat so that he met his friend a suitable flowers corner, made a heart on which he took:.

However, Bartolo, wanting to take revenge on Figaro, as he had helped the count marry Rosina and had not let him marry her, helps Marcellina. Cherubino, the page, then arrives. Because of his love for women, especially for countess Rosina, he irritates the count. Afterwards, he declared his love to Susanna.

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craiovw Hearing lookig count, Susanna hides Cherubino on an armchair covered by a bed sheet scene The count declares his love. Basilio intends to tell her that Cherubino is in love with Rosina. Hearing this, the count comes out and discovers Cherubino, taking the bed sheet off the armchair. Almaviva decides to punish the disloyal page, sending him to one of his regiments. Susanna, Figaro and Rosina plan to play a trick on the count: Susanna will send the count a letter inviting him to a rendezvous in the garden, but only Cherubino, recently arrived form the army, dressed as Susanna, will go. Susanna and Rosina panic and do not know what to do. Susanna leaves, and the countess hides Cherubino in another room.

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