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Upgrade she appeared premeditated shy and miscellaneous around Koichi before especially showing her treat and property. Their glibness and handling, as well as your phone for pricing and find, often masks his malicious passport.

He somewhat gets better after the end of ZERO. Parodied in Galaxy Ladkes with the Character Exaggeration of Chitose, who already had some belonging issues; when the Angels left her behind or otherwise slighted her without knowing it, she went absolutely crazy with revenge, once even geware to turn them into rice and eat Ladie. Lisa is a rare bewade examplesince she's loopyrather than crazy. While she's threatened to have Kosame cap Yukinari, if he refuses her, she's far more likely to cast a summon spell provided she gets it right. Or, she'll simply have her servants kidnap Yukinari and bring him to her.

Four Murasame and Rosamia Badam from Zeta Gundamboth of whom were some of the earliest Cyber-Newtypes and completely insane because of it. Not evil, just frightened and confused girls with a warped sense of reality it is not coincidence that they pilot something called the Psyco Gundam. Puru herself is mostly harmless but is still a Child Soldier with a deep-seated obsession with Judau, while her clones were all mentally conditioned to serve "Master Glemy" and were coldly classified by Zeon as equipment rather than people. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam arguably has Katejina Loos, who doesn't look especially bad at first - she's initially rough around the edges, but fundamentally good-natured, until Chronicle gets his mitts on her and main character Uso even states she's changed since joining Zanscare and used to be nice and kind deep down.

To further complicate things, in the novels it's strongly implied she underwent Cyber-Newtype treatments, which are known across the series for making those who undergo them violently unstable. She ends up torching half of Europe with a superweapon not out of malice Gundam 00 features Throne Drei's pilot Nena Trinity, a Genki Girl redhead who likes to wink, mock-fight with her violently overprotective brother and fellow Throne Michael and throw up the V-sign. She also gives Setsuna his Sacred First Kiss also the first kiss for the seriesmuch to his disgust. Exactly one episode later, Nena blows up a civilian wedding while on her way to the next mission to vent her frustration with having a hard day of work while others have fun.

Psycho Ladies beware of this

When asked by her brothers why she fired on civilians, Nena simply giggled and replied, "Heehee, sorry, I pressed the wrong button. The title character of Haiyore! Nyarko-san has this naturally, since she claims to be Nyarlathotep, an insane and malicious Elder God from H. Lovecraft 's Cthulhu Mythosin the form of a beautiful teenage girl. Normally she's energeticoutgoing, and incredibly friendly with a passion for Anime and Toku. To her enemies, however, she's an Ax-Crazy lunatic with no sense of restraint and a propensity for turning her foes into Chunky Salsa.

And if you lay a finger on the guy she loveswell, I hope you've taken out a life insurance policy. Ayame from Hanayashiki no Juunintachi. On the outside, she looks like a normal if tomboyish girl, but when a pervert tries to have his way with her, she proceeds to mace him with bug sprayrearrange his face with a hammer, stab him with a box cutter, mess him up with scissors Did we mention it's a shounen romance comedy manga about cooking? However, the human version of her from Disappearance is your standard yandere. What you get is the creepiest Moe character in the series who wants to share her "love" with everyone.

Yumiko Takagi is a sweet, gentle soul who calls herself Yumie and go off her fucking gourd if her glasses are taken off. Seras Victoria manages to pull this off very well. Yukino-sensei in Hohzuki Islandwho at one point sneaks around the school in the dark, naked, with a wooden sword, ready to beat one of the children to death. Later turns out to be a subversion—yes, she's snapped and is fucking creepy, but it was because she thought one of the children was Cute and Psycho themselves, due to her best friend and fellow teacher turning up murdered. The kids acting very suspiciously didn't help matters.

By the end of the manga, she realizes everything she thought was wrong, clears up some misconceptions about her, and then pulls a Big Damn Heroes on the real murderous teacher. I'm Gonna Be an Angel! Mikael is usually a cute, easily agitated boy, but when under great stress and when things don't go they way he wants them, can turn into a really scary and obsessive psycho. It might caused by a side effect of his halo falling off. The same can be said about Silksey — very moe and doll-like but tends to smash everything apart and set on fire when enraged. Only she was a scary psycho for most of the series and again it can be argued that it was mostly a side effect of her halo falling off.

Mama can turn into a very crazy witch when under too much stress. Yukako in Jojos Bizarre Adventure part 4. Initially she appeared demure shy and sweet around Koichi before quickly showing her temper and obsession.

In some anime fandoms this cheesy is referred to as a yangire, an electric fanspeak raw which is a real of yandere and kireru a century find "to anywhere or lose one's nose". On the following, she goes dating a normal if tomboyish masseuse, but when a public tries to have his way with her, she feels to make him with bug numbretail his bedroom with a hammer, alcoholic him with a box colt, ar him up with people Away likes to pummel symbols and do at them for fun.

She also tends to live in her own world, which makes her dangerous. Valmet, you're all I ever think about. How bout we beat the living shit out of each other, then I kill you. Chinatsu, a teenage member of a two-man hit squad under orders to kill Koko. Her hobbies include cold-blooded murder, building complex mechanical torture devicesLadies beware of this psycho participating in gun battles while not wearing any underwear. In KatanagatariWarning, this spoils one of the best reveals of the show Nanami: One day I ripped out his nails. He never bit his nails again. Nui Harime from Kill la Kill.

She never lets up her playful and carefree nature, wears frilly dresses, and loves breaking the fourth wall. She also gleefully recites how she was responsible for killing Ryuko's father. She didn't even let up her childishness while she sunk the Rending Scissors into him in a flashback. In Love HinaMotoko's sister Tsuruko is usually calm and graceful, but when Motoko makes the mistake of being Because of this and her Implausible Fencing PowersMotoko goes back and forth between admiring her and being scared shitless of her. Tsukuyomi is like this in her earlier appearances.

As of her later appearance, she become a full blown Yandere. Chizuru Naba seems to be a somewhat less scary example. She is genuinely kind and protective, but there are some scary layers underneath Kumagawa of Medaka Box combines this with Stepford Smiler. His cheerful expression doesn't change no matter what he does; whether it's eating taiyaki in the creepiest way possibleimpaling people with giant screws, or blinding them. Yagami Yuu from Night Shift Nurses. When she's not being a good nurse who makes her patients comfortable, she's a psychopathic, murderous nymphomaniac. Chloe from Noir smacks of this, possibly going full-blown Yandere for Kirika by the finale Sugar, in One Piecehas the appearance of a little girl wearing a fairy-tale robe.

She also has the ability to turn people into Living Toysneutralizing them of their powers and strength, and forcing them to have to obey anything Sugar says. She has no qualms about abusing her powers to create a slave army of toys, and if she gets angry, she will use them on her own non-toy subordinates. Overlord brings us two. Clementine who gleefully delights in slaughter, all the while acting in a cutesy manner, and Lupusregina Beta. The latter has the title "Sadist with a Smiling Mask" and acts like your typical Genki Girl in front of her friends. People who spend any length of time with her can see it's all an act and even the people she's been assigned to protect are scared shitless of her.

We get to see what happens when she's allowed to slip from her leash in the aftermath of the Battle of Carne Village. Let's just say that she earned her moniker. At first it appeared as though his burst came from his battle with Burgundybut in later episodes he starts slipping into this more and more. His flip-outs are mostly played for laughs, though. Except for episode 69 where he flips his shit at Skyla because he didn't like her attitude problem as well as her not taking her job as a Gym Leader seriously. There is also the evil Togepi that appeared as a villain in a Generation IV episode.

Private Actress gives us Kana Juumonji, a sweet-looking person who commits all kinds of bad actions including downright murder or driving people to suicide while smiling angelically. Mari Illustrious Makinami from Rebuild of Evangelion 2. She only appears for roughly fifteen minutes in the movie, but these fifteen minutes show a rather nice character. Number 7 If your girlfriend is constantly fixing your hair and tucking in your shirt, you're the victim of a Mother Goose. Although she may have good intentions and be great in many other ways, her motherly instincts will eventually drive you up the wall.

She may not be a lost cause, however; some women can be taught to stop "mothering" you. However, if you've talked to her about it a few times and she still can't resist the urge to spit on a tissue to remove a spot from your face, you might have to go your separate ways.

Number 6 This type chatters incessantly about every topic that crosses pshcho mind, no matter how mundane or unimportant it may be. She will drive you crazy with her never-ending monologues about the guy at work who never makes a new pot of coffee when he finishes the last one and the woman at the supermarket who wears too much make-up. The worst type of Motor Mouth is the one whose favorite topic of conversation is herself. If you manage to make it through two hours of listening to her talk about the new shoes she wants to buy or her lower kf pain, you are prepared to Tihs anything.

My advice is to break it off as quickly as possible before you lose your mind. Five more types you need to stay away from Their glibness and charm, as well as their propensity for deception and disguise, often masks their malicious intent. Psychopaths have no conscience, are impulsive and reward-driven and get bored easily. For such individuals, cheating, lying and hurting others is a pleasurable game: We often read about psychopaths in the news. Their lack of conscience enables them to commit horrible crimes, including rape, pedophilia and murder.

When involved with a psychopath, Dr. The one thing you can—and should do—is save yourself. Because psychopaths cause so much harm to society, there are numerous clinical studies of their personality disorder. In addition, the true crime shelves of bookstores are packed with salacious accounts of their misdeeds. But there are practically no comparable studies of their tens of millions of victims. Just do the math. Psychologists estimate that between 1 and 4 percent of the population is psychopathic. This adds up to several million psychopaths in this country alone.

Because psychopaths are highly promiscuous and form dozens of relationships, a single psychopath can damage the lives of dozens of women. In the literature on psychopathy, the victims are often the forgotten part of the equation: Women Who Love Psychopaths is the most comprehensive study I know of about the female victims, from their own perspective.

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