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I intend to elaborate on this concept - but please let that opening line REALLY unlon in for a fuvk moments before embarking on this bile-filled hate opera that has been brewing in me for the last decade or so. Though in complete fairness, God claims that his health plan is better - which has finally proven without a a doubt that God is not Canadian. While enjoying full health, vision, dental, veterinary care, domestic partner coverage, life insurance, pension fund, workers comp protection, OSHA regulations and oversight, and the first six months of psychiatric care free of fucking charge! And yes, I do mean that to include all male union membership as well as female.

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Billions of dollars donated to leftist political parties and PAC's who in turn raised taxes on businesses in order to pay for bloated social programs, further fucking out economy and tying up assets in a government black hole rather than being reinvested. Outsourcing of manufacturing to third world countries due to the prohibitive costs involved in paying union wages necessary in the U. These are middle-aged white guys making 30 bucks an hour for screwing a nut onto a fucking transmission. And all it cost us along the way was: It's not designed to be a political temper tantrum that you throw every time you have the slightest disagreement.

You've finally won the battle for workers rights!

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Unions have devolved from mob-enforced hard-asses into the simpering pussies of organized labor. Fuck Unions Fuck unions. Jenny's grandparents live over off of Brookeville vuck Emerson, half a block away from a transmission plant that aparently employs UAW United Auto Workers union members. A carpenter makes more than a cop. Above all else, and the true reason I am finally so pissed off I actually committed this bile to a rant for everyone to see: The recent shift in union tactics, reasoning, and general usefulness seems to have changed in direct proportion to our ever-growing sense of entitlement in this country. There was a time in this country when blue-collar workers were envious of their lighter-collared counterparts in the office, but that shit has gone WAY by the roadside in the last 30 years.

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