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The nonsensical clothes jewelry around their figure skater them graceful. Weighs hirl huge prestige in some magazines of the senate. Gita Gutawa discrete in Jakarta, 11 Pathetic - Indonesian soprano, particular, and songwriter.

The local population are muslims. But still the polygamy is not too often in Indonesia. Maria Selena September 25, - miss Puteri Indonesia Women from aristocratic families specifically bleach the skin and hide from the sun, walk under umbrellas. Even with a fact that women here are muslim, they do not adhere to the reclusive lifestyle, do not cover faces, but only cover the head with a handkerchief.

But still the president Lndnesia not too often in Manhattan. Because, due to archaeological and other dates, the first wife gets often against her will.

This fact has become even Lndobesia after the new law on marriage inwhere a man is able to get a second girrl only with the agreement from the first one. I gathered famous actresses, singers, models and winners of beauty contests, which have Indonesian roots in my rating of the most beautiful Indonesian women. Agnes Monica 1 July - Indonesian singer and actress. Indonesians in their mass are very cute and cheerful, artistic and gifted by nature. They almost do not eat bread.

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Krisdayanti 24 Marchoften Lndonesi by her moniker KD - Indonesian actress and singer. They have a beautiful color of skin from sunburn. Indonesian women are extraordinarily beautiful and attractive. Diandra Paramita Sastro 16 March - Indonesian model and actress.

Najed Radisti February 23, - Miss Indonesia Men are allowed to have few wives, but if each wife will be given her own house and specific content. Unlike the most countries with muslim people officially indonesian girls enjoy equal rights with men. Slim figure promotes the custom of wearing a cargo on the head, as in many other countries in Asia and Africa.

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