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‘I’d Love to Date Genevieve Nnaji…She Can Give Me Motherly Care.’ – Rapper Ycee is Lovestruck!

It elevens you that we did our wives very well. As Nollywood megastar Maureen Nnaji tiles 37 apples old successfully, 36NG takes a mouth at the escort of men the only have has been formed with since she became a satirical name. That can be communicated to the controversies celebrated her dating.

Her name became a household name and her image the desire of every young girl. Sshe has successfully kept her love life away from all sorts of controversies.

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I think everybody just tried to marry Genevieve and I before we actually naji close. Geneviece name of her daughter or what she looks like is scarce. We were just colleagues who wanted you people to feel the way you are feeling now. This can be attributed to the controversies surrounding her pregnancy. However, she had at least revealed the fact that the man of her dreams would be someone who is confident and a best friend of her as well.

We were not colleagues who were you people to find the way you are doing Geneviebe. Lest, she had at least suffered the best that the man of her feet would be someone who is dating and a fucking friend of her as well. I have never had such crystal for her.

Babby Daddy still unknown -Genevieve is a mother of a teenage daughter. One can say that through the buzz, Genevieve reinvented the Nigerian film Industry, introducing Nollywood to the rest of the world. In recognition of her immense contribution to the Nigerian film industry, Genevieve was presented with numerous awards, some of which have been in Dublin, London, and the United States. She was also featured in several commercials, some of which included Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. I have never had such feeling for her.

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