How to train your voice to be deeper

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How to Get a Deeper Voice

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Works like a charm. Tongue Down Singing with a high tongue causes deepeer kinds of problems. Open your mouth, take a gentle yawn and see if you can drop the back of your tongue at the beginning of the yawn. Think about dropping your tongue before you sing and during singing to help you control voixe voice. Helpful trwin to drop the tongue are: Chest Up Dropping the trxin as you sing is the number one cause of a lack of breath control and vocal strain. Relax these and, logically enough, your voice gets lower. One recommended way of doing this is by making the neck muscles stronger. Stronger muscles are better at meeting their daily demands and therefore less likely to tighten up throughout the day.

As you can see, by all four metrics, my voice did deepen over time. My matches completely changed too. More compellingly, my voice actually got higher before it got lower. It starts at about Hz, then shoots up to Hz and stays high for a week, before it gradually deepened month after month to the current pitch of 89Hz. This fits the idea that strong neck muscles give you a deeper voice. The exercises first made my neck weaker, like any muscle when you start training it.

So my voice ceeper higher. Then, as I deeepr with the exercises, it got used to the strain and became stronger, and my pitch dropped. I should add that I also stretch my neck to relieve any tension that might build up with the exercises. In fact, this guy on Reddit seems to have a routine which worked really well for him and seems to focus more on stretching. Breathe from the Diaphragm Ever noticed how your shoulders bob up and down as you breathe in and out?

While it seems as good as any method, this kind of breath shifts effort to the upper half of the torso, putting tension on the neck and vocal chords. As you inhale, try to shift the effort downward so your stomach flexes out while your shoulders remain completely still. Feel as though the air is being summoned by your abs. Tran one correction had the greatest deeeper on my voice depth — but, like any bad habit, it requires a conscious effort to overcome it. Aspirate You can try this one for yourself and immediately see its effect.

Open Vocular and enable the Pitch Tracker in Settings, then speak to the microphone in your normal voice and see what numbers come up. You should see your numbers drop as soon as you take on this breathier kind of tone. And not only does this make your voice deeper, it makes it more attractive too. A study found that the most attractive male voices were also the breathiest — and this was so pronounced that women preferred a high-pitched but breathy voice over a deep, non-breathy one. You know how the depth of your voice is partly caused by the size of your vocal chords? Well, dehydration literally shrinks your vocal chords.

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The loss of water equates to a loss of mass, leaving you with thinner, squeakier vocal chords. And, strikingly, most people are dehydrated. The solution is to make things easier for yourself. If you work at a desk, get a jug one that can hold litres and fill it every morning. In fact, I now make a point of drinking a litre of water an hour before going on a date or to an important meeting. One of these names is Clint Eastwood. However, one thing Eastwood has in spades in monotony. So it may be that the masculinity of a monotone voice tricks people into thinking that voice is deep as well. This is backed up by a paper on vocal attractiveness, which found that the voices which varied less in pitch were the most likely to be considered deep.

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In fact, pitch ddeeper was almost as important as actual pitch in Hlw whether a voice was deep or not. And why is breathing correctly so important? For starters, it brings oxygen to all parts of the body--including the brain--and keeps a speaker on their feet. But the benefits don't stop there. The long, slow breaths characteristic ykur diaphragmatic breathing--contrary to the short, fast, and shallow breaths that come when a person is panicked--also give you breath support. Your diaphragm is a muscle and, as such, gets stronger when you use it. A strong diaphragm, courtesy of diaphragmatic breathing, emboldens and bolsters your voice.

This leads to ge better tonal quality overall. Speak like a human, not like a mouse: Use your diaphragm by drawing breath deep into your navel. Inflection and Pitch Research jour shown people enjoy deeper voices. No one seems to relish listening to a high-pitched, nasally voice that lacks any peaks or valleys in tone. Your lips should be parted and your chin pointed down toward your chest. This will warm up your voice. Then, raise your chin slowly while humming and speak with that deep, humming voice. Add some nasal tone to make the sound stronger.

Play with your voice and modulate it; add more and fewer nasals and make the tone lower and higher. The next step is to imagine you hear your voice in front of yourself. Speak mindfully and voice all syllables slowly. Remember to breathe from your diaphragm. Let the incoming and outgoing air move your upper abdomen and stomach area, not just your chest. Fill the lower part of the lung This technique enables you to speak louder and stronger. You can use it to increase the volume of your natural voice. Lay down with your back on the floor. Relax your body and stretch out your joints. Breathe normally with your mouth slightly open. Observe how your abdomen goes up and down as air fills the lower part of your lungs.

Do this exercise for several minutes and increase the effect by putting a heavy object on your stomach. I suggest a thick book. Breathe in the same way as before, slowly increasing the weight on your stomach. This is because your neck tightens up with stress, which pulls on your vocal cords. And just like with a guitar string, tension means a higher note. This happens throughout your daily routine as well. You might wake up with a deep, manly voice after hours of sleep, but as tension works its way into your throat your voice rises.

However, you can fight this tension and keep your nice morning voice with one trick: To do this, lie on your back with you head hanging off the end of your bed.

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