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If you want to do even better with production and beef profits then move up a notch to ib with grazing type alfalfas. We have several local producers having great success grazing alfalfa-grass pastures. Farmers should renovate their pastures now. Get a soil test now or and apply needed lime, phosphorus and potassium, but do not add any nitrogen.

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Adding nitrogen now will stimulate the fescue to start early growth and compete with the newly seeded clover. If overseeding with fertilizer in a buggy just use potash now. Come back after the 1 st grazing and dwting on the additional needed fertilizer. It is always best to overseed with a cyclone seeder rather than a fertilizer buggy. Of course, there are other good ways to renovate including: Ssx implements are kg tools for renovation. The biggest problem with the drills is they often run to deep burying the seed to deep in the soil.

So just a word of caution to get off the tractor frequently and check the seeding depth to make sure the seed is placed only one half inch deep. Reduce the existing grass by heavy nuion, close cutting, or knock it down with herbicides to get the vegetation as short as possible. Use certified seed of the best red clover varieties. Use quality white clovers too. Sow knion mixture of lb. Check out our UK variety test results to select the best varieties. As the grass growth starts, you should control the competition. As soon as the weather warms up, fescue starts to grow very fast and can crowd out the newly planted clover.

We recommend farmers graze fields until the clover gets up to two inches tall, or when the cattle begin to bite the clover off. At that point, the cattle should be moved into another field for four to six weeks to allow the clover to fully establish. Then they can be brought back for regular grazing or haying. Renovation of pasture and hay fields will be the best money and time you can spend in the next few weeks. If you have questions on renovation, variety selection, etc. Extension Office or drop in for a visit with them. Our agents are very knowledgeable on forages and receive training and updates regularly to equip them with the best information to use to advise you producers.

We are here to help you. Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. Quality Buildings Since Suburban. While ryegrasses are not typically known for handling drought, Albion has shown notable success. It produces plentiful, high-quality forage long after other grasses have wilted and gone dormant. Uses PASTURE Albion tetraploid perennial ryegrass is suitable for all classes of livestock, especially those with high nutrient requirements such as young, growing animals. Its improved drought tolerance can extend the grazing season substantially.

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