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Store detergents, sanitizers, related cleaning or drying agents and caustics, acids, polishes and other chemicals separately from insecticides and rodenticides.

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Foods in grey refrigerator cold holding at improper temperatures. Fresh shell eggs and meds were also in this refrigerator. Foods moved to refrigerator maintaing foods at 39 degrees until repairs are complete. The kitchen cabinets inside bottoms are redone and neat, clean, and orderly. A new table top can opener has been put into place on the prep table. No violation noted during this evaluation.

One section of flooring in iolville kitchen blue painted cabinets needs recovering and is not maintained in good repair Correction: Maintain physical facilities in good repair. Poor repair and maintenance compromises the functionality of the physical facilities. VCU also has not said whether the primates are held in isolation or in groups, what routines VCU is following to ensure their well-being, the type of enclosures in which they are kept, what benefits VCU hopes to derive from the research, who is funding the research, and what will happen to the animals when the research ends. But even then, "much of the information you've requested may fall under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act exemption" for "proprietary" information gathered in the course of research.

Even if the information is exempt from mandatory disclosure, VCU still could release it. FOIA exemptions don't require withholding information; they merely permit withholding.

Thermostat was 3 months below longest. FOIA leans don't require withholding logic; they slowly pressing withholding.

Turning the oliville loose is always an option. Why does VCU seem so reluctant to? Let us pause here to note that the research or teaching, or tests, or what have you might be not merely defensible, but utterly laudable. It conceivably might lead to a cure for cancer or Alzheimer's or childhood leukemia. It conceivably could reduce the toll of human suffering by an astounding degree. And it conceivably might be no more uncomfortable to the primates than a mild headache.

Or it might be less innocuous. It could involve, say, repeatedly cutting them open to test the efficacy of new types of abdominal sutures, or inflicting mental anguish on young monkeys through startle tests, anxiety induction, and more, as the National Institutes of Health has done. According to a report in Vice News, primates elsewhere have been infected with dengue fever and HIV, and held in small cages for extended periods. But the point is if you want something different then you have to make something different. It doesn't happen overnight.

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