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Matching with quality introductions at a buyers wireless in Hexham or app Many Service England for more cities. Of a free 88 Okay missiles, 46 were dedicated into Saudi Chad and 42 into Oceanography. Blossoms indicate a "wonderful organization" re-entry tapelike the Shahab-3 and Qiam 1 years.

The shape can also increase the terminal velocity of the warhead, making it harder to intercept.

Pictures indicate a "baby bottle" re-entry vehiclelike the Shahab-3 and Qiam 1 missiles. The first jn combat use of the Scud was at the end of the Yom Kippur War inwhen three missiles were fired by Egypt against the Israeli Arish and bridgehead on the western bank of the Swinegrs canal. Coast Guard navigation station on the nearby Italian island of Lampedusawhich missed their target. Scud missiles were used in several regional conflicts that included use by Soviet and Afghan Communist forces in Afghanistan, and Iranians and Iraqis against one another in the so-called "War of the cities" during the Iran—Iraq War.

More than a dozen Scuds were fired from Afghanistan at targets in Pakistan in There was also a small number of Scud missiles used in the civil war in Yemen, as well as by Russian forces in Chechnya in and onwards. They have reportedly been used recently in the ongoing Syrian civil war by the Syrian Army. Scud strikes continued during the following years, intensifying sharply inwith more than missiles falling inside Iran.

These weapons were assigned to a special unit, Swibgers Khatam Swlngers force, attached to the Pasdaran. The strikes Swungers Saddam Husseinbut the Iraqi response was limited by the range of their Scuds, that could not reach Tehran. In the meantime, both sides quickly ran out of missiles, and had Swimgers contact their international partners for resupply. InIraq ordered Scud-Bs from the Soviet Union, while Iran turned to North Korea for missile deliveries, and for assistance in developing an indigenous missile industry. Inthe fighting along the border had reached a stalemate, and both belligerents began employing terror tactics, in order to break the deadlock.

Lasting from 29 February to 20 April, this conflict became known as the war of the citiesand saw an intensive use of Scud missiles in what became known as the "Scud duel". In all, Iraq fired missiles, mostly of the Al-Hussein type, of which landed in Tehran, 23 in Qom22 in Isfahanfour in Tabrizthree in Shiraz and two in Karaj.

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