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No sound or electronic disurbance was observed. Szn sky was clear. He did not se the fireball itself, but noticed that the wheel house and the neae were lit aan a yellow-red light. The phenomenon was moving south, and seemed to get a little bit brighter doing so. No sound or electronic disturbances detected. He saw a fireball coming from north and disappearing at deg. When detected the object was app. Brightness constant at first, but when behind the mountains a bright flash was observed. JE describes it as a very violent explosion. The color was described as bluish as the center in a electrode welding on iron.

Around the center the color was light green. From the glowing track glowing pieces fell towards the mountains. During the last part of the event the object was moving in a direction of 45 deg.

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No sound iin electronic disturbances observed. Neear noticed a fireball the size of the full moon or more. The ball came from north and nwo,c south. It was estimated to pass to the west wwomen Sluty women here in havana elevation of deg. Color described as orange-yellow im a tail of fire. The officers left the car, but heard no sound. No qaqortoqq distubances observed. A citzen in a village south of Nuuk noticed a small tremor, while he was at the toilet. Neokc felt like the toilet moved. One can wonder whether the tremor came from the mountains or the toilet: Seismic stations on Svalbard and Finmarka Northern Qwqortoq have registered impulses indicating a more diffuse pressure affecting the southern part of First date then in qaqortoq.

Officer on duty at the Greenland Command, Thomas Pedersen has Sunday afternoon informed us, that no new eyewitness reports have iin the last couple of days. Monday a reconnaisance flight will pass the possible impact site, Firsst to locate fragments thwn but a lot of snow has fallen since the event. The plane will carry a camera team from Danish TV2. Kronk I have actually spent a fun weekend trying to gather up the raw ih on the "Greenland Impact" and have come up with some interesting information. The latter produced the best photographic account of the "impact plume". The "event" was supposed to have occurred at 8: Images from the two NOAA satellites are available for 8: It is extremely bizarre that absolutely no sign of the "plume" was visible until This has to be considered as very suspicious.

Every model I have ever seen of Earth impacts, as well as mine and everyone elses observations of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts, indicate that a plume should appear immediately. Each one is unique.

Combining paddling with hiking we will reach the end of the fiord where Tasermiut Glacier falls down meters ft to the shoreline. From there we will start the way back to Tasiusaq through the western shore where other hikes with totally different views can be explored. Arrival by paddle to Tasiusaq and then boat transfer to Nanortalik. Possibility of a guided tour through the city and its surroundings. Visit to the Museum of Inuit Culture and Traditions, considered the best museum in the south. Free time for dinner and during the evening. You may visit the town, go shopping, explore the hunters market, enjoy a meal in a restaurant or drink a beer.

Accommodation in hostel or hostel-house. Uunartoq thermal springs before reach Qaqortoq Boat transfer to Uunartoq Island. Free time to enjoy a relaxing bath in warm thermal springs the only accessible thermal springs in Greenlanda holiday resort for many natives who come from all over the country to camp and bathe in thermal waters, while icebergs are floating only metres yards away in the fiords.

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