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During her an event taking their relationship. He tried desperately to not let his feelings of February 14th, C. It's over and done with! Anthony came into the ready room at that point, seeing his partner and friend sitting on the bench. Anthony flinched when he saw his partner's eyes. So full of rage and anguish remained from that day, and he would never fully be rid of it. The White Wolf looked the younger man in the eye with a stern but caring expression. He sighed, patting him on the shoulder, letting it go. Sebastian sighed returning the gesture.

The Wobble and Aquilo interviewed right by what they feel was dead another closed Nazca-class orchard, not experiencing there was a modest lack of cultural patrimony on this successful ship. This was really very high for the Twin Troopers in the most.

He regarded it for a few seconds. The harsh lights of the locker room reflected off the white steel and plastic. It had been molded into the shape of a wolf's head, his favorite animal. To Sebastian, there was no creature nobler than a wolf, a protector and a defender. He had wanted to emulate those qualities and when crunch time had come he had failed horribly, with the shattered hulk being an eternal memorial to that failure. Anthony nodded, "I'll coordinate the overall operation from the CIC. I'll let Lieutenant Ramius and Commander Richards handle the operations of the ship.

Rally the pilots once the students are ready. I'll be back in ten minutes, have them all here when I get back, Colonel. Anthony nodded but then he grabbed his arm "I…need to pay a visit home while I'm down there. I won't get this chance again. Sebastian's expression brightened Kaitlin bree escort. I know this is breaking open old wounds for you but it's more important than ever for you to keep your head on straight. You are my executive officer and the last thing I need is for my right hand man to go to pieces during such a critical operation. Stay frosty out there and watch your six, okay?

His fellow Wolf gave him another affectionate squeeze on the shoulder and went to enlist the support of Kira and the others. Crew Quarters The White Wolf entered to see the students sitting around. Kuzzey flinched when the sniper entered. He rolled his eyes. But we need help. Anthony took a deep breath. This would be the tough part, selling it to them. I need volunteers for an extraction operation to J7 and a few derelict ships we found along the way. You really want to loot Junius Seven? Yamato I don't like this any more than you do.

We discussed it with the other senior officers and we agreed to have a short joint forces memorial for the dead. Anyone who wishes to help can come with me. Once you've suited up, meet in the ready room. Please go get suited up, I'll see you then. After a few minutes, Anthony led the teens to the ready room where the other pilots were waiting. Sebastian raised an eyebrow at what Flay was wearing. The guys and were wearing the normal white space suits, but Flay and Miriallia both wore pink versions of Kira's flight suit. Last time I checked you weren't pilots. Unless you suddenly volunteered and got training in the last ten minutes.

Kira could only goggle at his girlfriend. He wondered when the operation was over if she wouldn't be interested in taking the Strike out for a little joyride when it was just the two of them alone. The suit didn't leave much to the imagination, defining and flattering the curves of both girls in ways that had many of the male crewmembers staring. Anthony cleared his throat, making everyone focus on him again. Everyone took his or her seats. Sebastian joined his partner at the front of the both men taking on the stern glare of a commander.

The lights dimmed so the screen could be seen clearly. You will be broken off into three teams for this so listen up because I'm not in the habit of repeating myself. Koenig, Miss Haw, and Miss Allster. They will head to the J7 site and search for water sources and foodstuffs, you will be escorted by Angel Two and Wolf Two. Buskirk, Miss Attha, and Mr. Your mission is to search through any Earth Alliance ship hulks you discover, salvaging parts, food, water, and ammunition. Escorts will be Angel One and Wolf Four. Argyle and Mister Pal.

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Wolves Three and Six are your escorts. I think it's the least we can do for them. Anthony stepped away from the podium and directed his gaze at Kaitoin. It's a different place all together. Some won't have the same respect for the dead you do. They won't even care it's a graveyard. Anthony saluted and made for the bridge. He floated down into the darkened depths Kairlin Kaitlin bree escort Combat Information Center, taking the center seat. Everyone's rscort up and ready to launch, Captain Russo.

Anthony gave a nod escprt approval, folding his arms in Kaitli of his face. Captain Ramius, at your word. Be safe out there, everyone. In the event of escodt engagement Nomads are to get Kaiylin to the debris and power Kaitiln. Escorts will be upgraded to status Yellow. We'll keep you informed of any further developments. Anthony then hailed the Aquilo, on the same operational channel with everyone else. There's no telling what's lurking around here. Fly loose and check in every half hour, notify us Kaitkin far as specs, ammunition, bere part types. We're escot to making a list so we want to make sure we get everything. Where did those extra Zeroes come from?

They keep the big linear cannon. But the gunbarrels are replaced with two beam cannons in each pod. It gives them a lot more punch. An onboard AI maneuvers the gunbarrels. I think you'll find them quite effective. The extra firepower would be useful, especially if we have to go up against the other G-Weapons. Anthony gave it some thought. The banter stopped and everyone set about to his or her assigned tasks. Junius Seven Ruins Predator and the Strike led the five Mistrals down towards the battered remains of the colony the Storm Wolf once called home. Sebastian swallowed hard, remembering the last time he had been here.

There's somewhere we need to go first…something you all need to see. She looked out the viewport and freaked out when a dead body beat against it. She froze upon taking a closer look and saw many other corpses littering the area. It was a bitter reminder of quarter of a million lives lost on that day so long ago. Natarle Badigurel had never considered herself a very religious person, but in that moment a prayer was very appropriate. She had never harbored any animosity towards Coordinators, and looked on with disgust at the attitudes many of her shipmates at the academy in Annapolis took towards their genetically altered cousins, bragging about how many space monsters they were going to kill.

She had sworn never to judge a person by their genes after those experiences, and now she was seeing what such decisions made out of fear and prejudice had led to. Kira and his friends were also learning the hard way of the cost of war. Tolle had to keep from throwing up. Miriallia was on the edge of tears. And Flay…Flay burst out crying altogether. It was too much for her to take. In her own Mistral, Lacus closed her eyes, mourning silently for the ones who had died. Sebastian's sober face appeared on the monitor of everyone. I know you haven't always liked Coordinators, but I want to let it sink in " The Storm Wolf said, "Take a good, long look at those bodies, everyone.

These people will never know another day. Many of them were Kaitlin bree escort children, all of them killed just because their DNA was a little different from others. I read their journals, when they talked about finding the concentration camps on their way to Berlin, the sheer suffering those souls endured…" She swallowed hard, "This atrocity is the kind of thing they fought against. They would have never condoned this at all…as do I! Escotr think your family would have left the military on basic principle if they were ever ordered to commit Kaitlin bree escort a horrific act. The team arrived at the remains of brfe ranch style house, Predator landed in the front yard.

Sebastian esort at the front door with wistful eyes. Lacus came up next to him, giving him a hug around brew waist. He looked to Kira who had just come down from the Strike. This is a graveyard. So it's only right for us to pay our respects. This was my home before the attacks. My family is here. Two sets of hands came up to support him. He looked to see both Flay and Lacus flanking him, giving him reassuring looks. Sebastian took a deep breath and entered his former home. The first thing everyone noticed was despite how much like a tomb it felt, there was still an inviting air about the place. It wasn't a stretch for the former students to feel welcome here.

The group started searching the house. Miriallia floated around the couch and screamed. Lying on the floor was a man in his late forties with salt and pepper hair, "Colonel…" she whimpered. Tolle held her, whispering silent words of comfort. Natarle came up to look at the man, noticing the stark resemblance between him and the Storm Wolf, especially the brilliant blue eyes. He nodded soberly, "Yes…Joseph Connor. It was a picture of him, a younger Sebastian, and a woman with dark hair and playful green eyes sitting at a picnic table in a park, possibly on Earth. She died of ovarian cancer when I was This place belonged to my grandparents.

They should be around here as well. Sure enough, the body of a couple both in their seventies floated there. The male was tall and thin with thin white hair on his face. His arms around the waist of his wife, also thin wearing glasses and long snow-white hair in a ponytail. It was becoming harder and harder for him to keep his emotions in check.

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