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For the entries that you consider spam, but were not automatically marked as spam, you can manually mark them as spam, and they will not be visible anymore.

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First check your spambox in your mailaccount. So if you already have a blog with comments, the guestbook entries might get lost in there, and keeping a separate guestbook can be good. Please install and activate that plugin. If that is the case, you have a theme or plugin that is applying that CSS to your label elements. What do I do?

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The entries that you want visible, set them to avvanced. There are many hooks available in this plugin. I use a Multi-Lingual plugin There are 2 settings that you need to pay attention to. If the form was sent in too fast after loading the page, the entry will be marked as spam. Works really well, but not everybody likes to use a third party service. You can add the following code to functions.

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